Catching up.

Sorry for the delay.  Wife and family in Houston for her 3-mo post cancer checkup.  Bloodwork:  clear!  CT scan:  clear!  PET scan:  er, let’s talk.  No, not bad, per se, just radioisotope uptake around her left eye.  Back in November, that tiny little mass that turned out to be lymphoma was taken off her nose.  The upper, left side of her nose.  If there’s one thing I’ve learned in Machine Civilization, there’s no such thing as coincidences.

Well, they want her back in a another three months to repeat the test.  Worrying is pointless, so I hope they’ve a safe drive back, so we can all have a good summer filled with drinking, writing, and lots of sex.  In the meantime, speaking of getting backed up, Episode 17 is going to have be broken into at least two parts.  There are a slew of new people to be introduced and I think at least one flashback.

One good thing about the delay is that I was able to do some picture and video research of the Kongo/Arleigh Burke destroyer class.  I’m a bit more comfortable writing the meet-and-greet for the Portland civilians in the installment after this one.  It will be too late before I have the ship sail away, but I even ordered a model kit of DDG-173 off EBay.  Research!

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By that much!

Looks like I’m getting rid of Kongo after the episode after this.  Even if they leave at night, there’s no way to hide the fact once they’re gone.  And I’m sure that trans-Columbia cannibal army has sympathizers in Portland; cannibalism – like vampirism – is socially akin to Progressivism:  they all end in mass death.

It’s rather fun to write about characters in a bar while I’m sitting here drinking.  ‘Brings it home,’ as it were.  Teresa was a surprise!  Looks like there’s a lot going on with that young woman!  A little ominous about her father, though.  Wonder where that world’s going?

Please pour yourselves a drink and read on!

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