Imaginarium Diary, Day 3

Imaginarium Diary. Day 3, part 0. Raining outside again. There’s a panel about the business of writing in two hours. I should be almost human by then.


Imaginarium Diary. Day 3, part 1. Just sat down for Business of Writing panel. Supposedly two hours. I’ve initial doubts. Sitting by the door.


Imaginarium Diary. Day 3, part 2. Okay, that went better than I expected. Elizabeth Donald has an excellent grasp of facts and ran the panel on rails.

I’ve word that while @FreeExpression7 is mostly dead, he is somewhat alive.

My foray into indie publishers is not going well. I simply cannot play “human” well enough to convey my desire for help and what brilliant works I have to offer them.

Another panel in 50 min with yesterday’s mentioned cutie about cross-genre fiction. Which is all my books.


Imaginarium Diary. Day 3, part 3. The Writing Militaria panel was fantastic. Even when it went off rails, the audience questions were superb and we were back on track in seconds.

Everyone left this panel with smiles and exchanged greetings.


Imaginarium Diary. Day 3, part 4. With the very welcome assistance of @josisenberg I was able to stagger about and take 2nd place in the cosplay presentation. I didn’t get 1st as I left the character’s staff behind. Because stupid.

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