“Plots have I laid!”

Whew!  Finished the ‘script’ that I’ll be using with my Powerpoint slides in twelve days at my presentation on Creative Writing & Self-Publishing at Ohayocon.  I’ve much ground to cover, and – since I’ll be a little drunk – cannot allow myself to get side-tracked, so I’ll have a written script in-hand to keep me on the rails.  I’ll likely as not tweak it a little, but that’s one less thing to fret over.

Have to work a short shift tomorrow (ironically with the woman who’ll be starring in the music video I need to finish) so perhaps I can take all my hand-written direction notes for what I’m provisionally calling “Lightning Across Clearest Blue” and type them up and get them to the rest of the team.

What?  Work on ‘Cursed Hearts’?  Never heard of it.

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Ohayocon 2016

WTF has WordPress done now?  Changed their input window for no tanjed reason; likely some unemployable nephew.  Assholes.

Anyway.  Ohayocon was qualified fun:  the local hotel was undergoing remodeling – which was a huge bother – the staff was over-the-top-helpful this time, only 5 of the 6 panels I went to sucked ass*, and my girls – off on their own – did not get molested.  And, back in the room, post-chemo wife was chill.

In the Dealers Room, found some Aria swag for myself and a gift each for my two pharmacist sempais.  And several gifts for my sick wife.  Took only a few pix, see below, but many conversations.  I do so love our animecon kononia!  Some great after-con talks, too:  hi, Beck! (get those lymph nodes checked out!)

*Hosting a panel is so simple; I thought.

Note to those making a panel:  Powerpoint, stick to your topic, crush trolls, answer questions.

This ain’t rocket science, boys.  Sheesh.



Keeping Content-free for Weeks!

Next week is busy:  wife’s last in-patient chemo, girls busy with school and swimming, and, at the end of the week:  Ohayocon!  Since 2011 it’s been a great family outing for us:  we stay in a hotel in downtown Columbus that’s attached to the Convention Center, get our cosplay on, and have fun!

This year…not so much.  There’s an alpaca panel at 1400 on Friday that Daughter #1 wants to see, so that means I pull them both from school at lunch.  Another three hours of an hundred-year old Prussian education system designed to produce docile technicians, or fun with the family?  Tough call.  Daughter #1 has at three cosplays she’s bringing.  I wasn’t really planning on anything, but my wife suggested that since this year’s theme is ‘science,’ just put on a lab coat and go.  Of course, that got me thinking… so I’ll add my white wig (last year I was Ginko from Mushishi) and perch my steampunk welder’s goggles atop it.  Add a pocket-protector, and I’m good!

That’s Friday.  Saturday AM I’ll release the kids and drive a few miles north to get the missus.  Right now the plan is to take her back to the hotel room to rest and hang out – rather than driving 45 minutes back home.  With her red/white cell count, there’s absolutely no way she can go to the con:  a head cold would be enough to give her pneumonia and kill her.  Too bad, really:  hairless after the chemo, she’d make a fantastic One Punch Man!

After that, as I told a co-worker, I’m setting the hard end date for Crosses & Doublecrosses for Easter.  If it’s not done by then, I abandon it.  The first thing I’m going to do is write down all I’ve seen; there’s quite a bit of material, actually, probably around 18k words.  Trying to fit them into a coherent story has been killing me.  So, I’ll just worry about that later.  My New Zealand illustrator has showed me some colored pages for Henge’s Big Day!  They are wonderful!  I encourage all of you to patronize her site and get some portraits of you, your kids, and your pets done!

Busy week ahead.