Book Tour – Day 14 (sorta, again) [updated]

Rooms with Books was to be today’s stop, but it seems they’ve not yet posted my interview.  If they succeed later, I’ll revise this post.  Until then, their questions and my answers are below the fold.

[they finally got ’round to getting my tour stop up – with no explanation]

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Book Tour – Day 10 (sorta) REVISED

Today’s stop was (is?) to be at Teatime and Books.

[EDIT:  The site manager had a bad outbreak of RealLife(TM) on Friday, but things are back to normal, now.]

However, they’ve not got “T4L” posted, as yet.  The kind folks at GoddessFish sent them a reminder around 0515, but so far, nothing.

However, not wanting to disappoint, below the fold is a copy of my responses to their interview questions.  Also, there’s an excerpt from “Poisoned Hearts,” a webcomic we hope to begin releasing soon!

If T&B gets it together, I’ll post an update to that effect.

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