A Quiet Morning

Both for me and Nichole.  Twelve hours ago, I had nothing.  Now, I’ve Eps 4 & 5.  Four is below; don’t think I can transcribe five until tomorrow:  off to Mass in a few, then making steaks for the family afterwards, then anime in the basement.

By the by, I know zero – ZERO – about fashion.  If what I describe Nichole as wearing is wrong, please let me know.

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“Defiant” Discoveries

On my drive home this evening – after a stop at the UPS Store (work related) – I suddenly knew something about Nichole I did not just seconds earlier.  Even better, I “saw” the reveal (in the episode below the fold) as well as something about her physically; that I don’t think will come out for a bit yet, but I might be wrong.

It’s such a joy to be writing again.  To be creating again.

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“Defiant” update

Pretentious titles are pretentious.  I’ve seen more of Nichole’s story.  More than I’ve written here, in fact, but I need to go make dinner.  I’d like to write ep3 tomorrow, then show y’all something else that I worked on a year ago.  Up until three days ago, it had nothing to do with Machine Civilization; now, I know who one of the welders was at the demonstration reactor north of Pataskala in “Echoes of Family Lost.”  That’s for later; back to Portland….

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Yes:  I’ve been away.  I’ll address that at some later post.  I’m here to write, so write I shall, after a brief preamble.

As you might have guessed from the name of this blog, my stories are in and about what I call Machine Civilization.  Some ideas that I didn’t think were originally, seemed to change over time so that they “fit in” somewhere.  And I’ve come to see that the entirety of the MC world itself changes, as well.  There are obviously parts of the future history that cannot change as they’re part of canon from my two novels, but I’ve noticed fluxuations in the concept.

I would say I’m coming to a point, but I’m not.

Down below, from some months back, I posted the scenes I wrote for the Voltage competition from a story I called “Combination Play.”  I didn’t win the competition – which is fine – but what ticked me off is that no one did!  A cynical person would say that Voltage faked the contest just to shake people down for free stories and character art.  Nonetheless, I’m fond of the characters that I breathed life into, and have thought some more about the story.  Voltage, of course, owns the names, so that will change, and to fit into MC, I will change the location.  So now, I’m going to do something I’ve never done before:  I’m going to start a story at the beginning.  Further, whether you call these ‘chapters’ or ‘episodes,’ I’m going to try to publish 2-3 each week.  They won’t be all from the same “novel,” but they will all take place in my world of Machine Civilization.  “A Writer writes,” and I wasn’t; this will give me the freedom of movement to begin, again.

Enough with me.  Take a look below the fold to meet Nichole.  She’s very young in our home.

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