My girls had a swim meet in Mason, Ohio, this weekend, so it was something of a working vacation for me.  Vacation in that it was the first time since January since I’d slept anywhere but in my own house.  Working in that I tried to get some more story written down.  And I do mean written:  typing is a bit problematic when sitting on bleachers at a high-school pool.  Perhaps I’ll make the NaNoWriMo cut off; perhaps not.


Up this AM at 0400 to get my wife to the airport.  She’s off to Houston for tests and consults this week for her lymphoma.  It will be a busy time for me, what with day job, girls’ club activities, and whatnot, until her return.  Writing takes another hit….

NaNoWriMo – Holed at the waterline*

*Just ‘at’ mind you, not under.  I still might be able to salvage this.

Last week, my wife had a small lump removed from the upper left side of her nose.  It was something I would have ignored, but fifteen years ago, she had a fight with lymphoma.  Ha, ha:  jokes on us.  The biopsy of the small tissue mass was positive for B-cell lymphoma.

So, morale about the house is rather shattered right now.  She’ll be off to MD Anderson in Houston, likely in a week or so, for more tests and consults.  That leaves me spending all my time on Daughters #1 and #2, and not on writing “Crosses and Doublecrosses.”

I’ll get it done; I just don’t think it’s going to be by November 30th.