‘Defiant’ – End; One.

An experiment, just to keep me writing.  People I’ve never met, places I’ve not seen – and that I don’t recall – for over thirty years.  And here I am, about 60k words later.

Creativity is occasionally creepy:  where does all this come from?

Anyhoo.  There are still flaws in what’s below.  Someday, after I’ve written Part 2, I’ll get this all cleaned up and ‘novel-ized.’

Played with different ‘voices’ in this one; too much gin to get it all right.  Actually excised a couple of paragraphs:  I was lecturing again.  Thanks, Will!

Let’s do this again.  Soon!

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As in, stick it in; it’s done.

3100+ words for the wrap up Act III.  However, I’ve been drinking on and off since noon, what with the family getting back late this PM, so I’ll edit this before letting it go.  There are a couple of parts that might need to be smartened up.

I’d planned to shoot Nike.  Didn’t work out that way.  Maybe next time.  Tomorrow night, post work, is an HDoO, and taking Daughter #2 school stuff to school.   Worst case:  posting Tuesday.

“When will you make an end?!”

“When it is finished!”

My right brain is no Michelangelo, and my left brain is no Pope Julius II, but that’s how I feel about Act III of ‘Defiant.’  At the expense of my blood pressure, I loaded up on caffiene at the end of my Day Job to hit the ground running once I got home.  A quick, small dinner, then more coffee, with bourbon.  Wrote what’s below.  Next time; next time:  the party at Multnomah Falls.

God help me if it’s in more than one part.  I just type what I see, tanjit!

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Honestly, that last went too fast.  At least, in my opinion.  But, ‘Defiant’ is meant to be a writing exercise, not a true novel.  I do, now, think that I’ll edit it and turn it into one, but that’s in the mists of the future.

Want to type the final third of this rather large episode, but tired.  Good day at Day Job:  just Friend Tracy and me; everything done right and on time with no caterwauling.  Had to come home and push-mow 80% of the backyard, though.  I’ve gotten very used to my girls doing that over these past two years.  The next – and hopefully last – time we move, I want to be in a forest clearing, with no grass, just crops and vegetables.  And bunkers for the MG42’s that our house AI, Continuity, will control.

At last I’ve got Muller’s troop on their way back to Portland, and we all know the reveal about Multnomah Falls; Nike assures me “it’s going to be fabulous, darling!”  We’ll see some people we’ve not in a while.  Then, ‘Defiant’ will go to sleep for at least a month.  My priority will be to get “Henge’s Big Day!” (don’t worry, I’ll start posting about it when we get closer) physically published.  When I do come back to the City, I’m thinking that the fourth section will be a four to three-month flashback, of what happened between Nichole and Joe.  I think a lot happened, but I don’t yet know.

Off to go help Nike set up tables and tents for the party.  It’s late Decemeber in Portland; cold rain!  Of course they need tents!  Oh!  Outdoor propane heaters!  Good idea!


I mention this in my first novel, “The Fourth Law,” in which the AI’s there, Ai and Henge, specifically, are able to make an unanticipated link from their world, to ours.  All via Dorina, of course.  She deserves her own book, but how do I write a book about someone an order of magnitude smarter than I am?  I’d just make her seem dumb.  I’d rather die than fail her that way.

“Kissing?  This book has kissing?”  From the ‘Princess Bride’.  A wonderful movie; my eldest daughter tells me the book is even better.  Perhaps someday.  Maybe in fifty years someone will say, “‘Defiant’?  The book was soooo much better!”  Whatever.  Kissing below the fold.  Almost have Part 3 wrapped up!

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A Short; but no Top

I think I mentioned the family’s on vacation this week, so it’s just me and the story when I’m home.  And the effing honey-do list.  Got the front yard mowed this AM, a decorative garden bridge assembled and stained, and cleaned a dust bunny rhino that’d been building up in our pellet stove for the last ten years.  I may want to up my maintenance program on that….

Below, saw this all at once around noon.  Laughed out loud.  Hope everyone likes it, too.

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Brothers in Arms

Seven days.  What an awful host I am.

This one was a little odd:  I wrote the first few paragraphs about five days ago, then stopped.  RealLife(TM) got a bit busy with the wife and kids getting ready for yet another vacation (without me), but even so, I saw nothing of the story.  So, I waited.

Yesterday, I gave up waiting and went full-on coffee and bourbon.  Wrote all but the meal scene, below.  Just did that now.

This almost seems like a tangent to the plot (I’ve a plot?) but knowing now how “Defiant” ultimately ends – I think – what’s here is germane.  I’ll do better tomorrow.  Promise.

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