Iter II

Just finished another lovely deep-fried turkey.  Wife wanted that to eat before she left tomorrow afternoon for Houston and radiation at MD Anderson .  I exist to serve…dinner.

As I’ve mentioned, my machines have made me older that there are no such things as coincidences.  This was seconded by a part-time pharmacist I work with.  She’s also an illustrator.  Her and her husband’s website is here.  I’ve looked at their works and proposed that I commission them for either a webcomic or graphic novel.  They’re more – allow (mich-allow?) me to blunt here – much more ‘artsy-fartsy’ than Will is, so I had to see a story that is more in line with their style.

The opening scene is below the fold.  Thoughts?

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Book Tour – Day 10 (sorta) REVISED

Today’s stop was (is?) to be at Teatime and Books.

[EDIT:  The site manager had a bad outbreak of RealLife(TM) on Friday, but things are back to normal, now.]

However, they’ve not got “T4L” posted, as yet.  The kind folks at GoddessFish sent them a reminder around 0515, but so far, nothing.

However, not wanting to disappoint, below the fold is a copy of my responses to their interview questions.  Also, there’s an excerpt from “Poisoned Hearts,” a webcomic we hope to begin releasing soon!

If T&B gets it together, I’ll post an update to that effect.

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Starting Over

Okay, maybe I do have one friend:  my 3-AR Studios business partner.  It’s just that we’d not talked in months.  So, with me sans family, I invited him over to dinner a couple of weeks ago.  Drinks, steaks, more drinks.  Then talk.

He talked about this vertical, scrolling format for webcomics he’d run across.  It got rid of the annoying page-turning, and also allows for a certain unique consistency and flow of story.  We went on to talk about ideas for content… hmmm.  What’s been on my mind recently?

Okay:  self-aware machines.  That’s a start, he said.  Go further:  turn it past eleven.  More drinks.  Okay, I replied:  vampire androids.  We talked more.  The next day, I started writing.

Below the fold, in WordPress’s usual hackneyed format, is the prologue of what I’m tentatively calling “Poisoned Hearts.”  If you like that, I’ve also added chapter one.  I’ve written chapter two and have notes for three.  That’s enough raw material for about three 30-‘page’ comics.  My colleague still has his own projects, but is making sketches.  Cat is cuter than I’d imagined her.  Lots of work detailing Christopher’s eyes.  Need to write more….

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