MCD – Pine Bluff 5 (end)

“Can’t you just say, ‘the end?’ one of the pharmacists I work with asked.  The man’s idea of ‘writing’ is a doctor’s illegible scribbles onto a pad, so I value his opinion not at all.  Still, I did need to wrap this up and try to keep at my daily installments of creative writing.

I’d only the vision of Fausta walking the evil woman out the door.  Until I started typing that out just after dinner, only then did the rest of the scene unfold into my mind.  I hope everyone enjoyed this micro-story!

I wonder where we’re off too, tomorrow!

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MCD – Pine Bluff 4

I realized that in serializing this story, I have begun to leave each post on a cliff-hanger.  Very bad form:  if that becomes a habit, my novels will suffer to the point of death.

So, this time, in our flashback, we flashback further, then flash-forward.  Hey:  it’s Valentine’s Day:  I should be flashing somebody!

Aside:  this ‘little’ sub writing exercise is already north of 2300 words… what did I say about 1500…?  I so need to get these folks out of town!  I wonder if the cocoon in Abandoned Factory has hatched…

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MCD – Pine Bluff 3

Busy day at work; tired.

Had to forage for dinner.

Dry and itchy from the winter weather.

Wife suggested we just watch something.

In other words, I was given every opportunity to not write something today.  As tomorrow is the beginning of Lent, color me unsurprised at the temptation to give up.

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MCD – Pine Bluff 1

I suspected this would happen:  my small writing exercise would trigger something that goes on longer.  I’m hoping – hoping! – that this is only going to be 1000-1200 words, total.  That’s all I’ve seen as yet.

This, originally, was a scene from my second novel, Echoes of Family Lost.  However, because of my writing style (start in the middle, use flashbacks for details) this just didn’t fit.  And worse, it allowed me to start writing exposition rather than dialog.  It’s a failing of mine but at least I know it’s there.

The gist of this is that Lily Barrett, her friend Fausta, and their guide, Orloff, are on their way from the Republic of Texas towards East Tennessee, to find someone very important to her.  The badlands of post-Breakup America are a rough place, but charitas may be found in unexpected places.

See?  That’s me, talking again.  I’ll shut up now.

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