MCD – Pine Bluff 5 (end)

“Can’t you just say, ‘the end?’ one of the pharmacists I work with asked.  The man’s idea of ‘writing’ is a doctor’s illegible scribbles onto a pad, so I value his opinion not at all.  Still, I did need to wrap this up and try to keep at my daily installments of creative writing.

I’d only the vision of Fausta walking the evil woman out the door.  Until I started typing that out just after dinner, only then did the rest of the scene unfold into my mind.  I hope everyone enjoyed this micro-story!

I wonder where we’re off too, tomorrow!


Her friend was up and out the door. Her left arm tight around the waitress cum assassin.


Orloff had stood and followed them out, casting a look about the tavern as he did. No one else seemed interested in their drama. Lily realized she’d best follow.

Outside, she looked left and right. Where did they go?! Oh! To her left she saw Orloff walk slowly into an alleyway between two old brick buildings about a block away. When she saw him take his pistol out of his holster she started running.

No! Please! No more killing…!

Turning into the alley, she nearly bumped into him. His gun was in his hand, but pointed at the ground. Just a few yards ahead Fausta held the woman’s shoulders against the brick wall as she slowly came to.

“Oh… my head…” The woman muttered. She looked first at Fausta in front of her followed by around. She saw Orloff and Lily. A snarl that came to her face ended quickly as Fausta tightened her grip on the woman’s shoulders.

“Whatever you think Clive Barrett did to you,” Fausta began, “his daughter is not him. If you seek to harm my friend, ever…”

Lily saw Fausta let her jaw drop, revealing her shark-like teeth.

“… I will eat you!”

The woman seemed to throw up into her mouth. Gulping, she gasped a reply.

“Because of Barrett, I’ll never do real work again! All the Wymyns’ Studies Departments were closed! When I saw his daughter on teevee, I had to… had to…” Even with Fausta holding her back, she used her right forearm to wave towards her head. “And with this… even being a waitress in a tavern… being owned by one of the warlord’s men…”

The snarl crept back as she glanced right.

“I wish you were de-”

“You, useless thing, are alive because of Lily Barrett.” Orloff said simply.

“What?!” She screeched.

“You weren’t in court for the morning of the second day. The jury was ready to have you executed for Attempted Murder. At least,” he paused for a breath, “with ExComm gone, you’d not be hanging from a cross for days! No: the young lady behind me came to the judge and jury and asked for mercy. For you.”

He raised his mechanical left arm and pointed at her head.

“Branding and exile? You’re alive, here, now, because someone you hate for no reason wanted you to live.”

Lily watched him drop his arm. How did he know about that? Had Cousin Kyle told him?

“Fausta and I shall honor her desire. This time. Come at Lily Barrett, ever again…” He turned and placed his right onto Lily’s left shoulder as he guided them back to the street. He paused at the alley’s entrance and looked back.

“And I’ll crucify you myself. Miss Fausta? We’re finished here.”

Lily watched Fausta withdraw her hands, letting the woman slide to the filthy ground. She didn’t move and seemed to be crying.

Fausta walked over to them.

“We’re leaving this place and crossing the Arkansas River before nightfall,” Orloff seemed to say around clenched teeth.

They walked in silence towards their cart and Clyde. Just shy of them, Lily heard a small voice from Fausta.

“I commend your restraint, Mister… Orloff.”

He’d no reply.

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