Reflexions and Recollexions

Having made the decision that my next novel will be built around the 23k words I’ve already written for “Worlds Without End” (see sidebar or Menu, depending on how you’re viewing this), that means I’ve already an established location, Knoxville/Oak Ridge, established characters, the Hartmann’s and the Tohsaka Machines, a pre-existing relationship, Gary & Henge’s love for each other, a well as a sprinkling of tension, Gary’s sister’s, Faustina’s jealousy of the Machines and even mentally crippled Tracy.

I’ve even one plot arc:  Pinocchio.  Henge’s desire to manifest a human body and make children with Gary.

What I lack is opposition; an antagonist.  I cannot use Faustina, as that is merely to replay “Cursed Hearts.”  I’ve broadly hinted that there may be other Machine tribes, perhaps made in St. Petersburg and Milan, but I’ve not seen anything about them.  Having made a page of notes on New Years Day that summed up to nothing at all, I tried letting my mind roam free these past few days.  What I recalled was the significance of music in letting these stories unfold in my mind.

“The Fourth Law” and “Echoes of Family Lost” would have turned out very different, if at all, without my listening to the old ELO album, “Time.” Nightcore and Trance was the backdrop of my descent into madness for “Cursed Hearts.”  Gary Numan’s “Down in the Park” and “Are Friends Electric?” were the direct cause of “Friend and Ally” and its sequel, “Foes and Rivals.”

At work and home, I’d been listening much to my Pandora J-pop station.  As much as I enjoy it, I don’t speak Japanese, so no story-related ideas could come into my head.  For now, I’m back to a little Nightcore, hoping to  be shown something.  This weekend, I’ll try pulling out some CDs and playing those, too.  Oh.  And if you think CDs are retro, I’ve cassettes and even vinyl in the basement; get off my lawn, whippersnapper!

Not sure what I can do over the next week; a week from today the big central Ohio animecon, Ohayocon, starts.  Per normal, we’ve a hotel room and I’ve cosplay ready to go.  Perhaps some notes between now and then?  Afterward, I’m back into writing, with both feet.  Ideally, I’d like the “WWE” manuscript to be complete by Easter.

If any of y’all have suggestions for an antagonist/antagonists, plot lines, music I should listen to, please comment away!

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MCD – Worlds Without End (end)*

*See what I did there?

Yesterday’s impression – and I don’t do impressions – was correct:  the eighth installment was a good place to stop.  However, I’d already written most of this last, and did not want it to go to waste.  I’ve even seen a little beyond it, one of the dangers of writing, but Gary & Henge’s micro-story is at a close.  For now.  The coda, below, features Faustina, who, sooner than later, will have her own book.

What’s – or rather – who’s next in my Machine Civilization Dreams series…?

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MCD – Worlds Without End 8

Writing this, I thought at the time is was the last installment.  Late last night, more drunk than normal, I saw a little more about Faustina.  Looking at what my then-self wrote, I’m not entirely thrilled with it.  After I post this, I’m going to see if they allow me to ‘soften’ what I wrote.

She’s still going to be fundamentally good, but what eight year-old, who can move effortlessly between the machine’s home and ours wouldn’t end up a little disturbed or drunk on power?  Anyway:  plan on the curtain coming down on WWE on or about installment #10.

Let’s wrap up the Pope’s visit!

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MCD – Worlds Without End 7

Gary may think that Henge has learned a little subtlety from her father, but when it comes to getting what she wants… maybe not.  In the fallout of the wedding of their friend Susie, Henge unearths a problem and wants it fixed.  Now.  By an expert.  So here’s installment seven that, along with eight, has a special guest!

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MCD – Worlds Without End 6

I guess I could subtitle this one, On the Beach.  Henge and Gary get a visit from a friend they’ve not seen in almost a year.  And she’s bringing big news; news that’s fraught with emotion for our couple.

I see at least two more entries for this storyline.  Will I see more?  Should I move  on?  The world wonders.

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MCD – Worlds Without End 5

Mmmm… stir-fried southwest chicken for burritos!  Spanish rice… refried beans!  Things I don’t eat on my low-carb lifestyle.  If I drank less, I could eat worse…

Not happening.

Besides what’s on the table, Gary recalls the taste of his Intended and what is perhaps a bitter taste of his future…?

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MCD – Worlds Without End 4

A smaller installment; first of two, actually.  ~550 words is too small but ~1200 was too long… broke it in half, anyway.  A look into the Hartmann’s home:  the Domestic Church.  If I get it edited before bed, I’ll post part 5.

They seem like really nice people!

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