Imaginarium Diary, Day 4

Imaginarium Diary. Day 4, part 1. Came to around 0800. Went to Sunday Service at 0900. I so do not get Protestants… and I was agnostic until 26 years old. But it was nice. John Pyka has an excellent voice… his next Star Chamber visit should be a musical.

Taking things out to the car. There’s one last panel for me at 1230.

I would like to publicly thank God for the opportunity to call @josisenberg a friend.


Imaginarium Diary. Day 4, part 2. 250 miles and back home. The Religious Writing panel went fairly well… recall what I said about Protestants? Them and we Papists can use the same words and talk completely past one another, even in good faith (swidt).

Before I left my wife texted “HOW DID ELIAS COSPLAY LOSE?!” Since I do not pay attention well to humans, I’m not sure. I’m hoping that there will be a wonderful summary – with pictures – of Imaginarium 2022 posted soon…

While I did not sign any contract there, I’ve two follow-up leads. As for improving name recognition, I was almost out the door when there was a “Clayton?” called from behind me. It seems I am now known to the Catholic Deaconate of Louisville. Perhaps as a warning to others?

Educational and informative. If they let me back, I’ll be there for 2023.

Imaginarium Diary, Day 3

Imaginarium Diary. Day 3, part 0. Raining outside again. There’s a panel about the business of writing in two hours. I should be almost human by then.


Imaginarium Diary. Day 3, part 1. Just sat down for Business of Writing panel. Supposedly two hours. I’ve initial doubts. Sitting by the door.


Imaginarium Diary. Day 3, part 2. Okay, that went better than I expected. Elizabeth Donald has an excellent grasp of facts and ran the panel on rails.

I’ve word that while @FreeExpression7 is mostly dead, he is somewhat alive.

My foray into indie publishers is not going well. I simply cannot play “human” well enough to convey my desire for help and what brilliant works I have to offer them.

Another panel in 50 min with yesterday’s mentioned cutie about cross-genre fiction. Which is all my books.


Imaginarium Diary. Day 3, part 3. The Writing Militaria panel was fantastic. Even when it went off rails, the audience questions were superb and we were back on track in seconds.

Everyone left this panel with smiles and exchanged greetings.


Imaginarium Diary. Day 3, part 4. With the very welcome assistance of @josisenberg I was able to stagger about and take 2nd place in the cosplay presentation. I didn’t get 1st as I left the character’s staff behind. Because stupid.

Imaginarium Diary, Day 2

Imaginarium Diary. Day 2, part 0. Out of habit woke up at 0600. Registration doesn’t open until 1000 and the meat of the con until 1200. Drinking a Manhattan and going back to sleep for a while.


Imaginarium Diary. Day 2, part 1. Met that poor homeless vagrant again. Sad. Went to a panel about worldbuilding only to realize I’m better at it than they are. Strafed a panel about “Why We Cosplay” just to let them know, I’m better at that, too. There’s one on Historical Fiction in 90 minutes… wonder how that will turn out?

There are a few Karens of both sexes still wearing masks. It’s like carrying a sandwich-board which reads “DANGER! I AM A SOCIOPATH!”

“False modesty is the refuge of the incompetent.”


Imaginarium Diary. Day 2, part 2. Historical Fiction panel was okay but nothing I didn’t know. The hot little archeologist was certainly easy on the eyes.

The Blog/Podcast/YouTube panel was good. Pyka had lots of advice and I shall try to act on it.

The Bourbon and Books panel is at 2030. I can make that so long as I only have to walk in straight lines.


Imaginarium Diary. Day 2, part 3. Drinking alcohol by amateurs happened. A squad was called. I got the wheelchair for another.

Creative conventions are not at all like animecons.
Better class of people, I suppose.

Imaginarium Diary, Day 1

Currently at a creative’s convention in Louisville, Kentucky, AINO. Updates will be a day late as I make my way around this new environment.


Imaginarium Diary. Day 1, part 1. Awake at 0800, amazed the dogs let me sleep in. Fried eggs and bacon – nothing boiled in a dang bag, @GuardAmerican – then I’ll be off to the market for bottled tea for the 4 hour drive and some pre-made sandwiches (also not boiled).

Toying with ideas for @SandyLender‘s writing workshop this evening. I’ve seen the op – Tay borrowing her mother’s android to do physical research on Linear A clays – but kid brother Ivan shows up and wants to play.

How do Machines play in the Void?


Imaginarium Diary. Day 1, part 2. Made it to the hotel in good time. This area has changed much since I was last here 20 years ago. Spoiled the last 15 years by having 3 other people help unload, so that took 3 trips. Cosplay is still outside as there were some sus characters vagrantizing the lobby.

Ice machines only on every other floor? That’s a one star review, right there.

From all my years at animecons I know to stay hydrated. Working on that now.


Imaginarium Diary. Day 1, part 3. Participated in @SandyLender‘s Flash Fiction Workshop; knocked out another 2100-word story about Tay (and her annoying kid brother) in two hours.

Had the pleasure to meet Daniel Dark, whose Southern Gentleman’s Cigar Trolley inspired my book “Obligations of Rank.”

@FreeExpression7 seems happy I’m here. We’ll test that when the Feds show up.

Met and talked with some homeless vagrant for a bit. This hotel lets anyone wander in. I wonder where @josisenberg is?