MachCiv Dreams – “W’Ai’de Awake 4” (end)*

*As in:  I think this is the end of this little story.  There are some odd notions drifting around the back of my mind and I kinda want to see if I can write them down.  I know, I know… another tanjed cliffhanger.  I’m a terrible person.  If you really want to know what happened to Pavel, I know a place to find out.

But first, let’s have an argument at the office.

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MachCiv Dreams – “W’Ai’de Awake” 3

Apologies for going dark yesterday:  while a personal and Lenten challenge to lay down at least 500 words each day, my wife and daughter #2 were kind enough to pass their headcolds onto me.  That, plus coming down off another long RealLife (TM) work-week rendered me useless on Saturday.

Oh, yes, this:  from the files of ‘no such things as coincidences,’ the family in the pew in front of us at Mass this morning had a son & daughter in their early teens.  From the little smiles when they whispered to each other and the completely unselfconscious physical contact they shared, I could not help but grin, imagining I was sitting behind Gary and Faustina.  Good kids!

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MachCiv Dreams: “W’Ai’de Awake” 2

It’s a lousy pun, but it’s mine.  So there.

It looks as if were going to be learning about Ai’s first interactions with her father.  That also means her interactions with humans in general.  Honestly, I’m a bit curious, myself.  Must be why I decided to come back to it.

I had to go ask my older teenaged daughter what you call those long strands of hair in front of your ears.  It’s good to have experts to draw upon when writing!

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MachCivDreams: “W’Ai’de Awake”

I do not know if I’ll continue with this or not; if I do, I’ll have to retcon a title.  That’s fine.

At wit’s end, after trying to catch up on Winter season’s anime, my wife and I trudged upstairs from our pellet stove-warmed basement.  The best things about best friends is that they tell you the truth.

“If there was one thing you really wanted to know about my world, Machine Civilization, what would it be?”

This was  not a shot in the dark.  She’d read the end of WWE this morning and knew I was at loose ends.

“How were they made?  Ai, and everyone else?” She asked.

Well, hot diggity damn.

There are things that, as a creator, you DO NOT DO:  explain jokes, explain magic tricks, explain creation.

So much for #3.

Nope:  I refuse to be drawn into a technical discussion about coding AI’s.  But, you know what I like?  My regular readers do:  I adore my character’s conversations!  In my first trad novel, The Fourth Law, Ai, at her friend Lily’s question, briefly touched on her awakening.  Okay.  What was that like?

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