Wow.  Never killed a guy during a blowjob.  The guy, not me.  Well, I was doing the killing… it was Maya….  Never mind; just never mind.  Obviously I shan’t be having my teenage daughters proofing that part.

Maya’s at Vancouver International Airport, waiting for one of the rare flights to San Diego.  Time to flick back to Chris and Cat (and Anton, too, I guess).  Need a double-helping of Relationship Development before a certain someone’s plane touches down.  As I learned from “Defiant,” every time I start writing romance, a battle breaks out; so, I’m not sure what’s going to happen, but I know it will.

Below the fold is Maya taking leave of the acquaintances she made on the freighter, Jodhpur, as it crossed the Pacific.  Machine Civilization:  it’s one, big, dysfunctional family!

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“I ship it!”*

Chris’ transfiguration scene done (backhanded compliment from a valued friend over that one), Maya busted out of the hospital – and boy, does that scene need editing! – to a character focus on her as she passes nine days at sea on the way to North America.  Did you know that travel by freighter is about US$100/day?  Pricy, but better than an entertainment-cruise line.  I’d love something like that:  nothing to do but write, drink, and – if she came with me – be with my wife.  Who, as we’ve been married for so long, would not even entertain the idea of what’s below the fold.  *sigh*

As they say at Instapundit, classic reference* in the headline.

I’ve already written the scene after this:  Maya talking to the two Americans on the way back to Portland, Oregon, Former US.  The world of ‘Machine Civilization’ is increasingly complete.  Still, this needs editing with a jackhammer.

Without being too much of voyeur, I need to see the next Act where Chris and Cat stop acting stupid around one another.  I think Anton might take them up to the killing fields of Camp Pendleton, where the Mexican Army killed 100,000+ starving Los Angeles refugees… why take them there?  Exposition, duh.  After that, Maya shows up in town and BANG.

And by BANG, I mean I start on the sequel.  You really think that the powers that be could stop a horror/romance of mine by death?  Will Deonne taught me.  Bring it.

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I’d announced to my family yesterday that there were leftovers in the fridge.  I told my wife I’d not be watching anything in the basement, thus not turning on the pellet stove.  To all and sundry:  leave daddy the eff alone:  he’s writing.

It’s 2245 now, past an old man’s bed time, but I’ve 3.2k words for today.  MUCH more importantly are the milestones:  I’ve radically changed Chris & Cat’s relationship with a pivotal secondary character, and got Chris baptized.  Hey, when you consider yourself a writer of nominally Catholic stories, things like that matter.

So:  I got the cousins from UCSD to the Hotel del Coronado.  Pre-dinner politics.  It wasn’t until Cat excused herself to the bathroom that I saw that Anton has lost his mother when he was a boy; that allowed me to radically change the dynamic between these three.  This is going to echo through the rest of the novel; probably upping the death-toll, too.

Below the fold is another example of why creative writing sometimes scares me:  as recently as two hours ago, not a single idea of any of this existed anywhere inside my head.  Sometimes it seems for me that prayer is an ‘SDI’ project.

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Back on Rails

Still been too tired at the end of the work-weekdays to write; I’m hoping when it’s not dark by 1830 that might change in my favor.  Even so, between last weekend and this one, I’ve over 6k words, so far.  I really want to get through the dinner scene at the Hotel del Coronado with Chris, Cat, and Cat’s ex, Anton.  As Anton is the son of the General in command of the Mexican Army ‘Stabilization Force’ in San Diego, Cat realizes it’s tricky to tell a guy like that to piss off.

Prior to that, I’d written a segment featuring Yamada Hanako (Japanese slang for ‘Jane Doe’); she’s Maya’s post-car-accident amnesia personality.  A pleasant young woman worried about her future.  A future cut short when one of her doctors pushes her past under her nose just a little too hard.  Attempted murder ensues.

Below the fold, a snapshot of when Cat decides to start working out in the mornings.  Chris uses the Five Tibetan Rites.  #1 is spinning in place.  I almost yakked when I tried it, too.

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Train. Wreck.

After a busy fifteen days of Ohayocon prep, staunching the constant bloody nose of Dog #1, and writing a script for a 24-minute animated short, I’m finally back to Cursed Hearts.

[re-reads the last couple of paragraphs; scratches head]

[re-reads the last few pages; wonders who are these people?]

Oh…kay.  Looks as if I’m going to need to ‘re-familiarize’ myself with just what the Hell is going on in my own story.  Wonderful.

Ohayocon 2017 Panel

Friday PM, a looooong walk from the action of the rest of central Ohio’s biggest animecon. I was to give a talk on Creative Writing & Self-publishing.  I expected 3.  Maybe 5.  Ten minutes before the talk, doors open.  18 came in.  I had 15 hand-outs.

Ten minutes later, when I stand to begin my talk, there are just over 50 people.  I reach down for the water bottle, think better of it, and reach for my flask of bourbon, instead.  I raise my head and smile like Milo does.

“Thank you so much for coming all this way!  You’re obviously not here by accident, so let’s get to it!”

One full hour later (the con changed the format so we really get a full hour) completing both my presentation and the dozens of very good questions  (barring, well… never mind), I’m shaking hands, signing & selling books, suddenly the room’s empty.   I look at Daughter #1.

“That went very well, father.”


Later this evening, people from the panel stopped me in the halls of the Columbus Convention Center saying, “Thanks so much!  I’m going to start on my book tomorrow!”

Being an asshole, I do what I do:

“Why not tonight?”


Fantastic panel, fantastic group; thanks be to God!

Making an End

PowerPoint slides for Ohayocon 2017:  complete.

Script for Ohayocon 2017 talk* about Creative Writing & Self-Publishing:  complete (and revised after I found out yesterday that I’ve about ten more minutes!)

Outline for my long-delayed music video, ‘Lightning Across Clearest Blue:’  complete and in the hands of my collaborators.  It’s now up to those “visual” artists to turn my lifeless outline into something that get us about 250k pageviews.

Wait….  Wasn’t I working on another book, too?  Custard…?  No, it was Cursed… Livers?  I cannot recall….


*They’ve put me in a convention center room that likely seats 200.  On a Friday afternoon, far from the main action of the Con, with a hyper-specialized topic.  I’m anticipating 2-3 attendees.  Five, tops.  Oh, well:  that much sooner to the bar, I suppose.