Bridge; suspended

Saw much while at work today:  project manager Chinon’s surprise when Dorina tells him she’ll be running things at Chise’s brief restart; Shandor’s possible betrayal (and thus Thaad’s possible reaxion); Pius XIII on his knees in his office in the Vatican, praying; a certain door to a certain chamber opening… as the thin rug of reality that gets torn out from under Leslie…

So I saw that.  But I’m very tired and do not want to screw it all up for everyone.  Please, grant me a night for them to let me dream their details.  Confused?  You won’t be after tomorrow’s episode of The Second Bridge.

PS  You really, really think there are such things as coincidences?  This showed up, today, of all days!

The Second Bridge, pt.5

Just before Mass tonight I let out a little laugh.  Never knowing what I’m up to my wife looked me a question.

“Just saw part of a story,” I said.  I’d been making correxions to the newly re-edited version of “The Fourth Law” all day, so it was a surprise to suddenly have this story break in.  Nonetheless, it was a pleasure to see what I did.  The ironic part is that what I saw doesn’t happen until pt.6!

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The Second Bridge, pt.4

Ecchi.  Well, how ecchi can you get for two that have been betrothed to one another for over ten years?  I commend their self-discipline.  Henge and Dorina are up to something, we know.  They’re feeding info the to the scientists and engineers at Oak Ridge, we know.

We need to find out what we don’t know.  Not necessarily today, though.  Did I mention ecchi?  I don’t know any… are Gen Zyklon kids capable of this sort of self-restraint?

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The Second Bridge, pt.3

This morning, I was preoccupied with thoughts about fusion reactors.  At my lunch, I tried to catch up on where current tech was for their development.

As I was getting ready to leave DayJob, I realized that was stupid and that my characters were talking over drinks in a bar.

Where that went… I’d no idea.  The last half of this short – who’s Tracy? – was just shown to me.

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The Second Bridge, pt.2

At 1800, my wife was at the far end of the dining table looking at dishwashers on her phone.  She thinks we need a new one; I think she needs to do a better job rinsing dishes before she puts them in.


At that time, I was staring off, wondering what to write.  I kinda/sorta knew Gary was due for an appearance, but I really didn’t –

And then, in an instant, I did.  Everything below the fold was there in my eyes.  Creative writing is so… strange!

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