Retro Follow-up

My four ‘Retro’ posts seemed to generate some interest and it made me recall a TV Tropes page that a fan, from southern England, made of my visual novel some time ago.  He did yeoman’s work in covering all four stories and all possible endings!

Spoilers abound – especially with the hidden text – but I think it’s a wonderful review of my first foray into writing.

TV Tropes – OTChi Kocchi

Retro 4/4

What do you get when you take CS Lewis’s ‘That Hideous Strength’ and cross it with… well… me?

You get Shadowlands.  Where quasi-human janissaries serve those dithering-fallen angels who could not make up their damned minds.

What happens if one of your overpowered agents wakes up… and turns on you?

Again, this is all here and there… take the walk to the pharmacy door of OTChi Kocchi.

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Retro 3/4

When I embarked upon the mission of a visual novel, the very first thing I saw was based around the song (NOT the video) of Ultravox’s ‘Vienna.’  It’s Atti’s Good End… if you can make it.  Good luck; military widows are a bag of broken glass.  They deserve our respect and comfort, but peace can only come from God through themselves.

The hardest thing I’ve ever written.

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Retro: 1/4

I’m seeing more of Act I of N2.  But, this morning, via the Anime Group on, I saw something that called to mind my very first literary (and coding) work:  the visual novel, OTChi Kocchi.  Originally developed in Japan, they are very popular in Asia; typically, they took an idea developed in the West (‘choose your own adventure’) and married it to emergent computing technology.  Often mischaracterized as ‘dating-sims,’ with pornography, that a bit like saying that because of the nudes, everything in the Louvre and Vatican should be burnt.

It is not a normal thing for me:  reminiscing.  In fact, usually, I hate it.  Like any old aristocrat, I revel in the images and stories of my family, stretching back hundreds of years, but personally?  Feh.

But, this really isn’t personal… like my trad novels, my visual novel – with the amazing illustrations of Will Deonne – is a four-part novel where the reader determines the end of each story.  If there are choices, that means it is a kind of game.  If it is a game, then it must be possible to lose.  Will made me older to that.

Having said all that to say this:  in quick succession tonight, I’m posting something that’s never been seen before… the raw background stories of the four main characters that the player/protagonist encounters in OTChi Kocchi.  The writing is raw and often half in Python Code, but shouldn’t glimpses behind the curtain be unsettling?

OK Prelude 1/4:  Aoi

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Busy with sorting cover designs for Friend & Ally.  Of course, that’s no excuse for not writing.  What is was my neck:  in trying to stop a piece of paper from falling off a desk at work, I’ve done something horrible to my neck.  I wake up feeling fine, but if I tilt my head forward – as in, reading a screen, repackaging meds, snapping together IVs, prepping things in the isolation hood – for more than twenty minutes, it’s as if there’s an ice pick in the upper left of my neck.  I come home tanjed near shaking and in tears from the pain.  It laughs at ibuprofen.  Friday night I took a Flexeril and a bottle of wine and this AM was less bad, at least to the point I was able to start laying down the story of Nichole5 Part 2.

I’ll admit that it started where I expected but ended up where I did not.  I’d seen the ‘catching fish’ part.  Everything after that… news to me!  But great exposition and exploration of Nichole’s character.  I wonder what they’ll say to each other in the morning?

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