Hurty words and RealLife(tm)

Yes, yes: daily commitment to posting something. And now I’m about to lose my DayJob because some people of a certain gland and fake faith have decided that the last three male pharmacy techs at the hospital must go.

What? You thought a quarter-million (low end estimate) of hospital medical deaths per year just happen? There are people who work tirelessly to get rid of competent staff for the Good of the Narrative, comrade.

More importantly, in my last post of a story, I got Aurelia’s age way too high. She’d be closer to fifteen, not twenty, so I’m puzzling my way through that right now. Hopefully real content tomorrow!

Utterly Useless

To you, my content consumers, that is. I’m not going to take the time to look at the records, but it is quite possible that this January which just passed was the only time I did not post for an entire month. Yes, in the post preceding, I mentioned I would have much on my plate… But I’ve no excuse, so I won’t make on.

The most important news is that “Obligations of Rank” is now out and available. I have yet to port it over to Smashwords; if I did nothing here you can bet I did nothing there.

In novel news, my short story about Allen and Ryland is now not only a 48,000 book, but it is already in the hands of both my copyeditor and my cover designer. With chance and luck? Call it released in two months. It is my first romance-only story; no horror or anything like Cursed Hearts. Are there complications? It would be a damn poor story if there were not! Each of the four parts of the book are these two youngsters getting permission to marry; from his parents, from hers, from her cousin the empress, and from the Machines. Not to mention the huge problem this creates for the Texas Navy.

Podcasts? Yeah, sure. I did at least take the physical step of moving my mic and stand from my quiet corner in the freezing cold basement to here at my right, next to the laptop on the dining room table, where I work. The only excuse to not start talking is… again, I have no excuse. Apologies.

So, that’s the update. New book out; newer book already on the way. No reason to not inflict my voice on y’all again. Let’s get to it.

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Bloody awful. By and large nice to have my girls home for a couple of weeks, but it seems around 18 December the wife and I got the Ohmygod! variant of ChiCom Kung Flu, so it has been a miserable time. Not as bad as the non-gengineered flu I had last February, I ran a fever for nine days, peaking, of course, on Christmas afternoon itself at 102F. My wife, with great consistency, has even the sniffles always turn into bronchitis, so she’s been hacking up her lungs for the same time.

Today is the first time I think I’ll be able to get back to both writing and making the final changes to “Obligations of Rank” to release commercially. I’m also due to report back to my DayJob on Monday, but I do not much care about that place anymore. Hospitals kill people for government money and my guilt in that complicity grows.

There’s much on my plate for January, including returning to making podcasts. Thanks to everyone’s support over this odd year and I look forward to it again, next year.

Podcast Delay

As regular readers & listeners may have noticed, updates have been few this week. Worse, Friday’s podcast will come out on Saturday. I have not been well.

Late Monday afternoon, after writing, I was unusually tired so took a small nap. To my surprise, I slept until Tuesday morning, around 0715! With light through the bedroom window I showered and made my usual breakfast of one fried egg and three pieces of bacon. I’d not read we were supposed to get morning storms, but it was getting dark outside. I took the dishes to the sink and turned about. The microwave clock was the only 24-clock around. It said 2035. I had the most amazing, unsettling feeling: I felt lost in time. With my wife not answering her phone, I called eldest daughter.

“What day and time is it?” I asked.

Used to me and my drinking, she played along. “Monday. Around eight thirty in the evening.”

Needless to say, I could not fall back to sleep until midnight. The next day, Tuesday for real, I had an early dinner of scallops and mushrooms. Making notes for the podcast just after, I realized had seconds to get to the bathroom. Three hours of puking my guts out later, I crawled upstairs into bed.

The next day, I went to DayJob. Yes: I’m that stupid to have some GI bug and go to work as a pharmacy tech in a hospital. I was able to complete my deliveries in three hours, only to have another puking incident, fortunately also making it to a bathroom. After that I went home and slept.

Today was less bad: was assigned to the IV Room but exhausted as my body was now running on two pieces of toast over 24 hours. Just made it so see my relief come in at 1300. Made deliveries then left again.

Now home at 1810, I look at the podcast notes and realize there is no way. I’ll flush out the notes tomorrow in my breaks and record, edit, and release Saturday noon-ish. Apologies, all.

Like my books? Nominate my books!

Superversive SF is having their annual Great Bookshelf Hunt: nominations for great scifi books published in 2020. I released three. If you read one or more of them and enjoyed it, I’d certainly welcome the mention as a nominee!

Crosses & Doublecrosses (January 13, 2020) – science fiction (technically political/espionage scifi, but that’s not a category)

Empire’s Agent & other short stories (March 11, 2020) – anthology

Princess’ Crusade (December 7, 2020) – military SF

Thank you, all my blog and book readers, for your constant support!

“Goddess’ Crusade” begins

After taking July and a little of August off to be older about recording and editing audiobooks, I forced myself to sit down and begin the MS for the final installment of this trilogy.  I had had bits and pieces of this opening scene – which will be the prologue of Part I (of just two, I think) but was quickly shown some little details I’d not noticed before; writing is like that:  it forces you to pay attention.

Wrote most of this out on my deck this afternoon.  Had to flee inside with all the electronics for a squall around 1500, but just now (1600) concluded the exchange at the end of what’s below the fold.  There is much packed into this:  some good news, some bad news.  And one point was news to me, too.  I love this:  writing.  I really do.

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Another Half-halt

Got the copyedit of “Princess’ Crusade” back with the typical thousand corrections.  As always, a humbling experience.  But this time, also a vital one.

After my little so-called vision as to where my current MS, “Empress’ Crusade” might be leading me, I was increasingly aware that I was having trouble keeping my future history dates in my head.  When the PC edit came back and at three times pointed out and asked “is this date correct?  is her age correct?” I realized that, even though I’ve been shown some very interesting things about Faustina and the young man who is the Mayor of Huntsville, I have to sit myself down and draw up a proper timeline of all primary and secondary characters, what has already happened, and what I think will happen.  “EC” is going to unfold over two in-book years and I cannot have my readers jerked out of the story saying, “that makes no sense… the timing is all wrong!”

Below the fold is what I was able to get down following the triumph.  A little politics, a little romance (maybe?), and a swim across the Tennessee River.  Hope everyone who is sheltering in place has ordered copies of my books to keep them entertained!

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