Hobbit Birthdays

Never had an idea where Tolkien got the idea of giving things away on your birthday.  Don’t get me wrong: I think it’s a great idea.

In fact, for the next day, make your way to the link, below.  If I’ve not buggered things up, enter WW86P during Checkout to receive a FREE COPY of Cursed Hearts.

Thanks, everyone, so much, for so much!




Fail day

Sorry, everyone. PT 9-10 are in my mind, but day-job exhaustion plus helping Daughter #2 with Latin and math… I’m both dead & want to die.

Dead as in tired; want to die as I’m so excited to get Logres & Europa back together, but just can’t right now.  As I sleep-drove home, I might have even seen an overall end.  To have that much in your head, and be unable to get it out… it’s awful.

Please forgive; shall do better tomorrow.


Friday night, Ohio State University.  Wife and I went to see Milo Yiannopoulos, a British free-speech advocate touring US college campuses. . . who seem to have quite a problem with free speech.  The full video of his talk can be found here.  I was first in line to ask a question (about politics and theology . . . anyone who’s read my books just rolled their eyes) right around the 1:16:18 mark.

Right after me, my wife stepped up to ask her question about legal immigration.  However, she led off with a tiny vignette about herselfAND BROUGHT THE HOUSE DOWN!

Married for 24 years, together for 27.  I love her more every day.  A photo of two awesome people, and one banal, middle-aged drunk below the fold.

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As Social as Medea

Which is to say, I’m not, really.  Even so, with the chance to get in “on the ground floor” of something new, I thought to give it a shot.

What with Twitter – which I never used – gone full SJW (never go full SJW; in fact, don’t do it at all…) and banning people across the political spectrum from Milo, to Instapundit, to Scott Adams, there is a free speech alternative, Gab.  I’m there as @machciv and my own name.  We shall see what develops….