Casting Call

Not writing anything on Sunday freaked me out so I thought about things Monday – so much my brain shorted out and I had to leave DayJob at 1500 – and came home to write a little.  I’d thought I’d try following on Empire’s Agent, about Arpad and Lily.  I dropped about 400 words and went to bed.  Going back to look at them, just now, I must have been worse off than I thought:  just awful!

The problem, of course, is me.  After starring in my first two novels, Lily Barrett is something of an iconic figure of my future history.  One doesn’t just randomly use icons in short story writing exercises.  I’m going to spend the rest of this evening thinking and making a few notes.  I am really interested where this might lead but I don’t want to bugger it up.

Content tomorrow.  Something.  Promise.

The Second Bridge, pt.10

Funny that I’ve yet to reach the plot point that made me laugh out loud while driving to work yesterday.  Perhaps tomorrow.  Whether 500 or 5000 words, I need to create a permanent or temporary close to this story:  the professional edit and new cover for my first novel “The Fourth Law” are complete and I need those uploaded to Createspace.  The cover is the easy part.  The text body has to go from Word to pdf, wherein I edit and move, then request a physical proof for review.  I’ve done this three times already, but at about once every nine months I drink too much to recall the details.

Below the fold, I’d had some conversations recently with some in the medical field about challenges that might be faced by new-made humans.

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MachCiv Dreams – “W’Ai’de Awake” 3

Apologies for going dark yesterday:  while a personal and Lenten challenge to lay down at least 500 words each day, my wife and daughter #2 were kind enough to pass their headcolds onto me.  That, plus coming down off another long RealLife (TM) work-week rendered me useless on Saturday.

Oh, yes, this:  from the files of ‘no such things as coincidences,’ the family in the pew in front of us at Mass this morning had a son & daughter in their early teens.  From the little smiles when they whispered to each other and the completely unselfconscious physical contact they shared, I could not help but grin, imagining I was sitting behind Gary and Faustina.  Good kids!

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MCD – Abandoned Factory 7 (Close)

This is a little longer, but I wanted it shut down this weekend.  That, of course, is not the same as “over.”  Few stories are ever over.

The construction of this is a bit different as I’ve made a change to my storytelling.

This was fun; perhaps too much fun, though.  What next?

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Hobbit Birthdays

Never had an idea where Tolkien got the idea of giving things away on your birthday.  Don’t get me wrong: I think it’s a great idea.

In fact, for the next day, make your way to the link, below.  If I’ve not buggered things up, enter WW86P during Checkout to receive a FREE COPY of Cursed Hearts.

Thanks, everyone, so much, for so much!



Fail day

Sorry, everyone. PT 9-10 are in my mind, but day-job exhaustion plus helping Daughter #2 with Latin and math… I’m both dead & want to die.

Dead as in tired; want to die as I’m so excited to get Logres & Europa back together, but just can’t right now.  As I sleep-drove home, I might have even seen an overall end.  To have that much in your head, and be unable to get it out… it’s awful.

Please forgive; shall do better tomorrow.