Pirate Twins, 9

Thanks be to God, I’m able to write again.  My wife made bag-in-the-skillet dinner, a minor victory for her, freeing up an hour for me.  Don’t mistake:  I enjoy making dinner for my family – for the same reason I enjoyed being a design engineer or enjoy writing:  the creativity.  But when HAVE to write… well, other writers understand.  Last night I was a basket-case:  alien to myself.

Anyway.  Who’s up for a road trip to Lubeck?

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Pirate Twins, 7

Skipped dinner to knock this out.  I’ll grab some cheese before bed.  I introduce three new characters in 1200 words.  I hope that violates MANY guides to Proper Writing.  Not sure where this is going tomorrow night, but I’m pretty sure busty, bossy Libby will be in it!

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“Cursed Hearts” – published!

At long last, I am very pleased to announce the release of my fourth book – and third novel – of Machine Civilization:  “Cursed Hearts.”  The paperback is available via Amazon and Goodreads.

To make it easier for y’all to celebrate along with me, all three novels, in their ebook form, are available at Smashwords for only US$0.99 each! (note:  you might need to toggle Adult Content: On in the upper right to see CH)

Thanks for everyone’s support and encouragement!

Amazon link!

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Pirate Twins, 5; End Act I

Europa’s appearance was originally in Part 4, but the break didn’t fit.  This installment is a little shorter, but my action sequences always are.  You’ll see more of that next week once ‘Cursed Hearts’ is commercially available.

Editing of Proof Copy this weekend.  Shall I come back to Logres & Europa?  Move onto something else?  I get many ‘Likes,’ but comments & quesions are very welcome, too!


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Pirate Twins, 2

RealLife(TM) work followed me home, not much, but I was off the clock, which sucked.  I’m trying to make this a 4-5,000 word story complete by the time my CH proof copy gets here (irrational deadlines!) so that’s 1k words each night.  That’s about what’s below the fold.  Makes sense:  my stories are characters and their interactions; this whole entry is Logres on his own, so, honestly, it’s a little boring.  I had to get him halfway across Europe; now that that’s done, I hope he and Europa can show me what comes tomorrow!

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