Turning it up…

…to 11.  I ran across the NSFW drawing below the fold.  For some reason, I knew there was a story there, but I couldn’t see any of.  A couple of nights ago, I texted a friend about it.  He suggest ‘android vampire.’


I already have those, in story form, if our webcomic of “Poisoned Hearts” ever comes out.  So . . . what else?  Hmmm.  Of course!  Make it even more horrible!

This was an interesting exercise for me:  I really don’t do horror (well, I guess I do now) so even these 1400 words took a couple of days to get right.  In fact, I sat on it for an extra 12 hours, unsure about a few things.  Just a few minutes ago, I added two, short, lines.  Better.

I’ve the start of the next Ep of “Defiant,” and hope to have that out late tomorrow.  Cheerio!

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“Dear Diary… die in a fire”

By the grace of God, I noticed the trap that I was slipping into:  by having no fixed plot, only characters, I was very close into having this become little more than a daily diary of Nichole’s life.

A diary is not a story.

The diary elements wrap up today.  I’m not saying there won’t be more:  this is an ongoing, free webnovel, so there will be more diary-like elements.  But now, I think, after this installment, it’s time to play.  Yeah! Continue reading ““Dear Diary… die in a fire””

“Kah, kah!”

The title quotes my character Fausta quoting Shinobu Oshino.  It’s just an odd laugh.  It’s the odd laugh I just had as I was making myself older about quantum computing, a subject I understand as well as I do women.  The laugh came when I got to the end of the wiki and hit this line:

“It has been speculated that theories of quantum gravity, such as M-theory or loop quantum gravity, may allow even faster computers to be built. Currently, defining computation in such theories is an open problem due to the problem of time, i.e., there currently exists no obvious way to describe what it means for an observer to submit input to a computer and later receive output.[89]”

So, to my feeble mind, the “problem of time” is that between observer-computer-observer.  How to get all those Schrodinger’s cat scratches off of your face, essentially.  I laughed when I realized I’d solved the problem – from a story standpoint – prior to even knowing a problem was there.  And if that’s not quantum computing, I don’t know what is.

Oh, the solution?  Make the observer and the computer the same.

Episode 13 seen; will post tomorrow!  Cheerio!



Pause; and begin again.

At dinner last night, I looked over at the laptop my wife had gotten for me to ‘write anywhere!’  And no, I didn’t write at dinner with my family.  I do have some manners.

Back to the story:  as I looked at it, it occurred to me that I could take it to bed, and write there.  Wow!  Beloved wife playing Candycrush to my left, dogs at my feet, huge glass of wine at my right, computer in my lap… and off I went!

“Should I post this?  It’s awesome!”  My wife didn’t look up.  “You always say, ‘write drunk; edit sober.’  You really want to post that?”  Errr….guess not.

So now, I’ve edited about half of what I wrote, but there was a good break-point, so I wanted to push it out for everyone.  There are times I think that if I let the reins of this story go for just a minute, I’ll end up in places I literally cannot imagine.

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