Back on Track…

…which is not the same thing as back on rails (to make an RPG reference).  I’d seen most of this yesterday evening, but as important writing is, family – even just day to day family stuff – always comes first.

I also realized that my episodes were getting unwieldy in size, so I’m trying to pare that back, too.  There’s more on the roof next time.  Maybe the walk back to campus in a light rain after that.  Does Mackenzie explode under the attention?  Joe develop PTSD?  Gil confront Nichole about her connexion to Kongo?

I’ve no clue; but, I’m having so much fun!

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Chasing Rabbits

Ideas, really.  But the point’s the same:  they’re hard to catch.  Snares work better.  I’ve made the mistake of chasing ideas down rabbit holes.  I’ve lost track of my own story, dammit.

My wife read the update before this one.  “That was good, but how is this a romance story?”  Oh…yeah.  So, I’ve made some changes to Ep7-1 and now roll out Ep7-2 with the express purpose of getting Joe out of this combat zone as quickly as seems reasonable.  Not to give away below the fold, but the original version of this had Phillip dying, and the HUGE can of worms that opened….

This is a romance story, how?  I’ve explored three of the Four Loves between machines and humans in my two novels.  I wanted to see what I could do with the remaining fourth:  eros.  Guess this means fewer battle scenes…more classes and coffee shops.  More pools and less clothes.

I wonder if Nichole is buoyant?  Have to think about that.  For now, let’s start wrapping up the cluster-eff I made on the Columbia River.  Hope to get everyone back together in Episode 8!

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Real World…and editing

Someone asked me about what was the mechanism behind what I call the Breakup:  the near-overnight collapse of the US economy.  The short answer, from my notes of the never finished “Crosses and Doublecrosses,” was that China, Russia, and India created a new currency called the ‘Ria’ backed by gold and oil.  This displaced the US Dollar as the world’s reserve currency, causing it to be dumped overnight.  The velocity of money in the US dropped to zero, and within 24 hours, cities were starving.

The slightly longer answers can be found at these links, here and here.

Story-wise…I’ve an uneasy feeling about what I just posted for “Defiant.”  I’m going to edit what I wrote yesterday before I go any further.  Hopefully later today, but we’ll see.

Writing: and not being an a**hole

That’s the distinct ‘between the lines’ message a got from a RealLife(TM) co-worker today.  She’d not seen me since I’d started “Defiant,” and it was easy to see that she thought better of my now that I’m writing again.

I agree complete.  I’m not a likeable person to begin with, and not being able to creatively express myself these last few months has made me worse.  So, let’s let the cure roll on….

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“Defiant” – Life in Wartime

Episode five seems to be consuming my mind.  That’s fine.

Someone pointed out the spelling/grammatical errors.  Yepper:  by the basket-load.  These are RAWS.  I make a very basic spell and grammar check before posting, but no editing.  I’m writing, quite possibly to save my life, in what time I have.  After a long dry spell, I SEE things!  I want so much to show all of you!

So, sorry about the errors.  I’ll try to do better.  Cheers!

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