MachCiv Book Tour – Last Day

And going out with not one bangs but two!  First, in Straight from the Library we’ve a kind of character interview.  I wrote it as a machine recording from their future… an exchange between Nichole 5 and a human questioner.  It’s a little… odd.  But then machine memories will be.

The other stop is Hope, Dreams, Life… Love.  Things my stories are made of!  The handful of usual unimportant questions about me, but then I get to share!  A link to the somewhat rough short story I now call “Factory Girl” but is linked to under “Nike 1”.  I play in someone else’s sandbox to try to give two of my more tortured characters a chance at redemption.

It’s been a fun month, everyone!  My wife starts a new job on the 18th!  I also on the 25th!  Being Lent, I’m writing at least 1,000 words per day!  Knocking out the rest of “Worlds Without End” is in my grasp!  I hope everyone has enjoyed finding out more about my stories… please look forward to more!



MachCiv Book Tour – Day 8

IIRC from three years ago, the lovely and talented BooksChatter, besides giving me interesting questions to answer, also puts together a soundtrack.  Given how much BC has been rooting around in my Instagram posts (@machciv), I wonder what it will sound like?

The last of the Q&A questions hits a little too close to home, but I answer it anyway, as my copyeditor prodded me to made this addition to “Foes and Rivals.”