Nitty gritty, radio waves

Barring unforeseen circumstances, such as me being seized in the night and taken to a FEMA camp with other dissidents, I am scheduled for a podcast interview with The Star Chamber on Wednesday, March 10th, at 2100 US Eastern Time. Because of who I am and how I tend to say things no-one cares to hear, that is, the truth, I wrote an outline and sent it to the host, reducing the likelihood that either of us will have our doors kicked in by the FBI for this interview.

I said reducing. I’m not ruling it out.

Rough Outline of March 10th Interview of Clayton Barnett

Overview:  my objective is to excite and interest people in my books that describe the future history of Machine Civilization.  The focus should stay on my works.  The only attention given to me should be in aim of explaining or elucidating more about the books.  Safest, too.

  1. Background to Writing
    1. “NaNoWriMo” story
    1. Sequels driven by story; sequels driven by characters
    1. Desire to “do something different” for each book; provide examples
  2.  World Building
    1. What and when is “machine civilization”?
    1. Problems of thematic vs chronologic series
    1. Hard vs  soft science fiction
      1. EM drives/reactionless motors
      1. The machines’ “construct”; borrowing human minds
    1. The sweep of time
      1. From 16 yr old Lilly Barrett, pre-Breakup
      1. To the machine Aqua, tribe Arpeggio, managing a terraformed Mars 300 years from now
      1. In-world politics
        1. Republic of Texas
        1. Mexico’s occupation of the SW
        1. Kingdom of Columbia
        1. Russian, Habsburg, and Japanese Empires; Polar Alliance
        1. Faustina’s imperium
  3. Style
    1. Tolkien vs Lewis
    1. Religion
      1. Catholicism; cf. “Henge’s Big Day!”; Pius XIII
      1. Orthodoxy; cf. Balthazar of tribe Mendrovovitch
      1. Protestantism; ranker legionary in “Princess’ Crusade”; reaxion to Henge’s faith by Protestant Texans
      1. Islam; banned
    1. Book Length
    1. Fixing Bad Habits
      1. “Watching a movie”
      1. “Start your story in the middle”
      1. Anime
      1. “Head-hopping”
  4. What Comes Next?
    1. Audiobooks; explain why
      1. Nichole 5’s two books
      1. Crosses & Doublecrosses; cite serialization
    1. The problem of voices
      1. Many female leads
      1. Unique voices vs NPCs
    1. “Never stop swimming”
      1. Current “Shelbyville” short story; 500 words per day if lucky
      1. Dreaming at work
      1. Final goal?  “A cabin in Montana or starved to death in a FEMA camp”

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