MachCiv Dreams – Death Ship (end)

And now, having been given a glimpse of the beginning of ‘Crosses & Doublecrosses,’ and now the end of it, you might understand why I really never wanted to write the 60k words in between.  Awful people.

Easter Egg in the Open:  give me five LIKES and I’ll post the coda.

One week of Lent left!  What to write about now?

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MachCiv Dreams – Death Ship (pt.4)

Things coming together nicely.  DayJob is better for the next week as my boss is on vacation.  With that mental pressure off I thought about writing through the weekend, but recalled I must get my submission for a new cover up on 99designs; that’s a week overdue.

I realize I’m lecturing a little bit but at this point in his life, Barrett has no one else to talk to.  His daughter, Lily, mentions that in passing in ‘The Fourth Law’:  “Had her father lost all of his friends?”

A pyramid of human skulls is little comfort in your old age.

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MachCiv Dreams – Death Ship

If this short from my never-completed ‘Crosses & Doublecrosses’ represents part of Chapter One, what I’m doing here is from the last chapter.  Don’t worry about ‘spoilers!’ or anything like that:  the events of ‘Death Ship’ are broadly telegraphed in my first novel, ‘The Fourth Law.’  Don’t even fret over knowing Sylvia’s dead; I actually shoot her in the prologue.  How’s that for “starting your story in the middle”?

One of the reasons – and there were several – that I abandoned C&DC was the sheer awfulness of it all:  the characters, the situations, the settings.  Writing about misery made me miserable.  Getting ready for Holy Week next week, how about a story rich in death, betrayal, and crucifixions…?

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