It is not something I am very good at. Thus, when “Billy” Webb, author, was on last weeks Star Chamber Show webcast, and made a comment about “signed postcards are ten times better than business cards. People toss business cards. But… hey: this guy just gave me his autograph… I don’t know him but maybe I should check it out…” Brilliant! I cobbled together a design of my dozen book covers, made a QR to my Amazon page and put my contact info on the back.

I’m stupid but not slow.

Radio Waves

I try to listen in and add to the chatroom of the weekly Star Chamber podcast when I can on Wednesday nights. Every now and then the host, Stephen Zimmer, forgets himself and invites me to call in. As their primary guest had to bail after an hour last night, Mr Zimmer made his mistake again and asked me to call.

I come in around the 1:03:35 mark. However, the main guest, John Pyka, I found to be an interesting man and the entire show is worth a listen. Cheers!

Authors Roundtable!

Stephen Zimmer is one of the hosts of The Star Chamber Show as well as one of my copyeditors.  Wednesday’s was a call-in free-for-all to which he invited me.  I was pleased, one, that I was sober enough to be coherent at 2100 EST, and, two, that I was able to both contribute to the conversation and draw upon the experience of those who have been at the writer business far longer than I.  Looks as if I’m getting into the audio-book biz!

Link is here.  I make my appearance right around the 14:30 mark or so and keep an oar in the water all the way to the end.  Enjoy!