Imaginarium Diary, Day 4

Imaginarium Diary. Day 4, part 1. Came to around 0800. Went to Sunday Service at 0900. I so do not get Protestants… and I was agnostic until 26 years old. But it was nice. John Pyka has an excellent voice… his next Star Chamber visit should be a musical.

Taking things out to the car. There’s one last panel for me at 1230.

I would like to publicly thank God for the opportunity to call @josisenberg a friend.


Imaginarium Diary. Day 4, part 2. 250 miles and back home. The Religious Writing panel went fairly well… recall what I said about Protestants? Them and we Papists can use the same words and talk completely past one another, even in good faith (swidt).

Before I left my wife texted “HOW DID ELIAS COSPLAY LOSE?!” Since I do not pay attention well to humans, I’m not sure. I’m hoping that there will be a wonderful summary – with pictures – of Imaginarium 2022 posted soon…

While I did not sign any contract there, I’ve two follow-up leads. As for improving name recognition, I was almost out the door when there was a “Clayton?” called from behind me. It seems I am now known to the Catholic Deaconate of Louisville. Perhaps as a warning to others?

Educational and informative. If they let me back, I’ll be there for 2023.

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