Imaginarium Diary, Day 2

Imaginarium Diary. Day 2, part 0. Out of habit woke up at 0600. Registration doesn’t open until 1000 and the meat of the con until 1200. Drinking a Manhattan and going back to sleep for a while.


Imaginarium Diary. Day 2, part 1. Met that poor homeless vagrant again. Sad. Went to a panel about worldbuilding only to realize I’m better at it than they are. Strafed a panel about “Why We Cosplay” just to let them know, I’m better at that, too. There’s one on Historical Fiction in 90 minutes… wonder how that will turn out?

There are a few Karens of both sexes still wearing masks. It’s like carrying a sandwich-board which reads “DANGER! I AM A SOCIOPATH!”

“False modesty is the refuge of the incompetent.”


Imaginarium Diary. Day 2, part 2. Historical Fiction panel was okay but nothing I didn’t know. The hot little archeologist was certainly easy on the eyes.

The Blog/Podcast/YouTube panel was good. Pyka had lots of advice and I shall try to act on it.

The Bourbon and Books panel is at 2030. I can make that so long as I only have to walk in straight lines.


Imaginarium Diary. Day 2, part 3. Drinking alcohol by amateurs happened. A squad was called. I got the wheelchair for another.

Creative conventions are not at all like animecons.
Better class of people, I suppose.

4 thoughts on “Imaginarium Diary, Day 2

  1. I think a mask-wearer would only be a “Karen” if they insisted you change your behavior, and I recognize everyone has different risk factors. As my mask protects you from my germs and vice versa, I’m not sure why wearing a mask would read to you as “a sociopath”, rather than ‘out of towner who doesn’t want to bring a new strain of colds/viruses to a fresh population’.


    1. In one sense, I agree: older, obese diabetics should avoid gathering such as conventions as best they can; they are an at-risk group for many pathogens, not just coronovirii.

      Isolation of groups from one another, followed by mass exposure, is what leads to real pandemics (as opposed to the gengeneered flu called C19 and its subsequent political reaction). A good SF book to read is “The Earth Abides.”

      In my future history, two generations after the Breakup, General Faustina Hartmann rediscovers that (in “Empress’ Crusade”) when some of her legionaries from Knoxville become ill after the Tupelo/Memphis Campaign. In the concluding book of the trilogy, we learn her great rival’s parents died of just the same.

      Sailing ships brought disease, then steamships, then airplanes. Humans died but the survivors immune systems learned. The genome improves. Unless you are obviously sick or in an OR, masks are virtue signaling.


      1. Clearly, you’ve discounted the sources of studies I’ve read, so I’m not going to try to convince you. I’m off to visit my mother who had 3 heart surgeries in December, while swinging through to visit my 18 mo old niece who’s not fully vaccinated yet this weekend. I prefer to think that I’m following an abundance of caution. If you take that as ‘virtue signalling’, that’s your perogative.


      2. I hope you do well with your abundance of caution. And no, I’m not being snarky. I’m nearly 56 and am more concerned with living life than staying alive. Hence me starting to write 7.5 years ago.

        There are many studies, are there not? We all know the plural of anecdote is not data, but my wife’s (she’s a 2x lymphoma survivor) oncologist told her an mRNA shot would likely kill her. I’ve been a lowly hospital pharmacy tech for just over a dozen years and what I saw over the last two shifted my position from distrusting doctors* to hating them.

        I hope you find your mother and niece well. Always a pleasure, Ms. Hazelwood.

        *I have great respect for surgeons – egotists they may be – as every time you open a body, it’s different and you have to react on the spot. Docs just know what the last drug rep told them.


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