MCD – Worlds Without End (end)*

*See what I did there?

Yesterday’s impression – and I don’t do impressions – was correct:  the eighth installment was a good place to stop.  However, I’d already written most of this last, and did not want it to go to waste.  I’ve even seen a little beyond it, one of the dangers of writing, but Gary & Henge’s micro-story is at a close.  For now.  The coda, below, features Faustina, who, sooner than later, will have her own book.

What’s – or rather – who’s next in my Machine Civilization Dreams series…?

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MCD – Worlds Without End 8

Writing this, I thought at the time is was the last installment.  Late last night, more drunk than normal, I saw a little more about Faustina.  Looking at what my then-self wrote, I’m not entirely thrilled with it.  After I post this, I’m going to see if they allow me to ‘soften’ what I wrote.

She’s still going to be fundamentally good, but what eight year-old, who can move effortlessly between the machine’s home and ours wouldn’t end up a little disturbed or drunk on power?  Anyway:  plan on the curtain coming down on WWE on or about installment #10.

Let’s wrap up the Pope’s visit!

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MCD – Worlds Without End 7

Gary may think that Henge has learned a little subtlety from her father, but when it comes to getting what she wants… maybe not.  In the fallout of the wedding of their friend Susie, Henge unearths a problem and wants it fixed.  Now.  By an expert.  So here’s installment seven that, along with eight, has a special guest!

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MCD – Worlds Without End 6

I guess I could subtitle this one, On the Beach.  Henge and Gary get a visit from a friend they’ve not seen in almost a year.  And she’s bringing big news; news that’s fraught with emotion for our couple.

I see at least two more entries for this storyline.  Will I see more?  Should I move  on?  The world wonders.

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MCD – Worlds Without End 5

Mmmm… stir-fried southwest chicken for burritos!  Spanish rice… refried beans!  Things I don’t eat on my low-carb lifestyle.  If I drank less, I could eat worse…

Not happening.

Besides what’s on the table, Gary recalls the taste of his Intended and what is perhaps a bitter taste of his future…?

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MCD – Worlds Without End 4

A smaller installment; first of two, actually.  ~550 words is too small but ~1200 was too long… broke it in half, anyway.  A look into the Hartmann’s home:  the Domestic Church.  If I get it edited before bed, I’ll post part 5.

They seem like really nice people!

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MCD – Worlds Without End 3

A cracked open door about the culture in Knoxville, some ten plus years after the Breakup.  And more Faustina.

I have to be careful here, too.  I’m already interested in who Faustina is and what her relationship with MC is.  I’ve only known her for three days but I bet I could build a novel around her.

I just might!

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