MCD – Pine Bluff 3

Busy day at work; tired.

Had to forage for dinner.

Dry and itchy from the winter weather.

Wife suggested we just watch something.

In other words, I was given every opportunity to not write something today.  As tomorrow is the beginning of Lent, color me unsurprised at the temptation to give up.

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MCD – Pine Bluff 1

I suspected this would happen:  my small writing exercise would trigger something that goes on longer.  I’m hoping – hoping! – that this is only going to be 1000-1200 words, total.  That’s all I’ve seen as yet.

This, originally, was a scene from my second novel, Echoes of Family Lost.  However, because of my writing style (start in the middle, use flashbacks for details) this just didn’t fit.  And worse, it allowed me to start writing exposition rather than dialog.  It’s a failing of mine but at least I know it’s there.

The gist of this is that Lily Barrett, her friend Fausta, and their guide, Orloff, are on their way from the Republic of Texas towards East Tennessee, to find someone very important to her.  The badlands of post-Breakup America are a rough place, but charitas may be found in unexpected places.

See?  That’s me, talking again.  I’ll shut up now.

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MachCiv Dreams 4 (Abandoned Factory 0)

Not knowing much, well, anything, about international copyrights, this could best be called fanfiction.  The main character here, Nike, plays a not-insignificant role in my forthcoming novel, Defiant.

This story takes place in a world created by Yoshitoshi ABe nearly twenty years ago.  It yielded an anime that – while dated – is one of the most powerful and compelling stories I’ve ever experienced.  For a non-Christian, ABe had an amazingly Catholic vision.

And yes:  I do know who’s in the cocoon.

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MachCiv Dreams 3

Looked over some notes from a project that never worked out:  “Crosses & Doublecrosses.”  It was to be a political-espionage thriller.  I stopped writing the story after about a page and switched to notes.  After ten pages of notes, I realized that 1) this was work, not fun, and 2) I’m not cut out for this sort of story – at least, not right now.

It was to be the back-story of what happened in Texas during the Breakup.  The main character was Sylvia Fernandez, a lawyer who comes to work for Clive Barrett and his state terror organization I modeled on the Checka.  Clive Barrett is the father of the heroine of my first two novels, T4L and EFL.

Below the fold is one of the introductory scenes.  Looking at my notes, I’d forgotten that I’d cross-populated this part of the story with a character from my visual novel, OTChi Kocchi (reviewed here).  I was younger then.

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MachCiv Dreams 1

Yeah, it’s not the best title, but it captures what these are:  micro (micro, tanjit! no 18k light novels!) stories from my world of Machine Civilization.  It keep me writing and sane, at least one of which is a good thing.

Below the fold is after “Cursed Hearts.”  A friend of Cat’s begins to get her life back together, just to see that interrupted.  Spoilers.

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