Back downstairs

Was able to recover enough of my strength and mental capacity to resume writing yesterday. I don’t see any need to chronicle the rest of their deceleration to Mars, so the end of this segment will be a chapter break and leap head of more than a day. Many, many interesting revelations coming. Typically for me, some good, some… well…

I’ll be recording my next podcast on Wednesday. Anyone have any questions or topic ideas?

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Podcast 9: Why Monarchy?

A short introduction as to why so many countries in the future are monarchal in nature. Is it that I hate democracy or republicanism? No. I am just honest enough to understand that those forms of government do not scale up past the level of a city or county.

And that it is best for a government to look to its children and grandchildren, not the next election.

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Podcast Delay

As regular readers & listeners may have noticed, updates have been few this week. Worse, Friday’s podcast will come out on Saturday. I have not been well.

Late Monday afternoon, after writing, I was unusually tired so took a small nap. To my surprise, I slept until Tuesday morning, around 0715! With light through the bedroom window I showered and made my usual breakfast of one fried egg and three pieces of bacon. I’d not read we were supposed to get morning storms, but it was getting dark outside. I took the dishes to the sink and turned about. The microwave clock was the only 24-clock around. It said 2035. I had the most amazing, unsettling feeling: I felt lost in time. With my wife not answering her phone, I called eldest daughter.

“What day and time is it?” I asked.

Used to me and my drinking, she played along. “Monday. Around eight thirty in the evening.”

Needless to say, I could not fall back to sleep until midnight. The next day, Tuesday for real, I had an early dinner of scallops and mushrooms. Making notes for the podcast just after, I realized had seconds to get to the bathroom. Three hours of puking my guts out later, I crawled upstairs into bed.

The next day, I went to DayJob. Yes: I’m that stupid to have some GI bug and go to work as a pharmacy tech in a hospital. I was able to complete my deliveries in three hours, only to have another puking incident, fortunately also making it to a bathroom. After that I went home and slept.

Today was less bad: was assigned to the IV Room but exhausted as my body was now running on two pieces of toast over 24 hours. Just made it so see my relief come in at 1300. Made deliveries then left again.

Now home at 1810, I look at the podcast notes and realize there is no way. I’ll flush out the notes tomorrow in my breaks and record, edit, and release Saturday noon-ish. Apologies, all.

A Subtle Foreshadowing

Reina continues to evolve, startling all of us. And, as Roland alluded to in Part II, Henge and her children are not exactly demi-human. I’d long suspected that about Aurelia, who, off-screen, has led an army from old Virginia to the Northern Alliance (Maine-New Hampshire). That young woman, niece of the Empress, bears watching.

I had much to do this morning in meatspace and pan fried a steak and mushrooms for lunch, washing it down with gin. Rather than recording audio today (I am a terrible person) I think to write a little more. Kira’s change of status – demi-human – is, I think, working on Laszlo’s unconscious mind in several ways, and I want to see that reel.

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Emergent Behavior

August! I swear yesterday was March. I’ve written ahead a bit and hope to keep these MS sketches updates coming. As it is, what remains of my family is off on another vacation in northern Louisiana so I shall devote my time off to try to complete the raw audio for “Foes and Rivals.” Speaking of which, I got my first customer review of “Friend and Ally.” I was, honestly, expecting at best three stars; after all, I am not a professional voice actor and my audio editing skills are that of a novice. So this was a surprise!

Back to the royals in space: not wanting to give the book an ADULT rating, I gloss over Laszlo’s and Nikita’s “moment.” Of more interest, as Les sees, is that now light-minutes away from Earth, android-Reina breaks contact with her greater self. But, as machines think so much faster than humans, her portable form is already… changing. I really wonder what shall become of her.

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