A New Republic

As what’s left of the US celebrates so-called Independence Day (Virginia’s motion on independence was approved on July 2nd; the Declaration was adopted by Congress on July 4th) I spend my time alone writing about the Breakup and the new Republic of Texas.  And the horrible steps being taking to make sure that new state survives its difficult birth.

Below the fold, I practice a style of writing called “letter writing.”  Very popular in the late 19th Century and mildly successful in the 20th.  Colleen McCoullough made great use of it in the first two books of her Masters of Rome series, which sold about a billion copies.  Who am I to argue with what works?

I suspect WordPress formatting will bugger this up to a large degree, but I’ll do what I can.  Happy Declaration Adoption Day!

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Grasping the Nettle of Power

Fam was at the zoo today with the relatives from Hungary.  I’m off DayJob so started writing on the deck around 1100.  At 1330 had to come in as it was just too hot outside.  Still too cheap to turn the AC on, though!

Productive noontime:  about 2k words the close of Part One.  Tempted then tortured (so to speak), Sylvia makes her choice.  I wonder where it will lead?  I may write a bit more this evening but right now I need to review some materials for the book cover of “Worlds Without End.”  For Part Two I really need to get into the letter-writing/journal-entry thing to cover ground fast… it’s just not something I’ve done so I keep falling back into these dialogs that have driven all of my stories.  Dang.

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Resurrecting the Past

I am all in:  I am going to complete the idea I had years ago called “Crosses and Doublecrosses.”  The original would have been an espionage/police procedural of over 500 pages.  I cannot stay there so long nor write it down.  This will be a novella in three acts about the temptation of the hotshot NYC lawyer Sylvia Fernandez.

I’m planning on much exposition about the background of Machine Civilization and what happens to her via the “letter” trope that authors such as C. McCullough used to such effectiveness in her early ‘Masters of Rome’ series.

I always wanted to do something different for each of my books.  This is.  Here we go.

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