Where away?

For Act 2.5 of Defiant, I’ve dealt a little with Mackenzie and now with Teresa.  They both have more to say, and I was planning on wrapping everything up about (two, three?) months hence with Joe’s diagnosis, say, two months before Nichole & Gil play out Act 3.

But… it seems too episodic:  here’s side character #1, here’s side character #2….  That may work in a seasonal show, but not so much in a novel.

I need a theme for this arc, and I’ve got nothing. I thought it might be family & loss (suggestive of a book title) what with Mac’s dead brother and Teresa’s missing, presumed dead, mother (and I know some of Nichole’s siblings were ‘failures’).  I might even find out more about Gil and Joe.  I did have one of them say or think, “everyone has lost someone in the Breakup.”

Episodic’s fine for blog posts; not a coherent novel.  I guess this is one of those retro times when I wish I had a traditional editor to tell me to get my shit together!  I am not writing one more word until I understand what they want me to say.


Suggestions welcome.

Dramatis Personae

I’ve “seen” the next episode – and even a little beyond it.  But I was also encountering… friction.  This story is unfolding so fast that I’m starting to lose track of everyone in my head.  So, it was time to start a ‘cast of characters’ page where I keep notes about appearances, behaviors, relations . . . really, anything that I might forget about a character.

As there are semi-spoilers in my notes to myself, I’m not posting it.  Yet.  Maybe around Ep 15 or 20 I’ll create a cleaned-up version suitable for public consumption.  As it is, “Defiant” has twenty three people wandering about it!  Once I know what few outfits Nichole brought with her to wear, then I’ll post Ep 11.  This is supposed to be a university!  Everyone finally heads off to class (more characters!  Ack!) and we finally get a good dose of Portland ‘liquid sunshine.’

Thanks for all that are following along.  If you’ve any questions or comments, please let me know; I enjoy feedback!