“A place for everyone and everyone in their place”

A bit of a turn for the political but I thought it best for Faustina to let the locals know from the get-go how she intends to administer the land and people under her control.  And, after something as awful as the Breakup, I’m sure the survivors have been thoroughly disabused of any insane notions of equality of ability or outcomes.

Just one last scene, the awards to her heroes, before I can finally turn to the copyedit of my short story collection.  This is an odd week – I’m off Tuesday and Thursday, but I shall try to get it done before the weekend.  So much to do!  Overwhelming sometimes…

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Retro 3/4

When I embarked upon the mission of a visual novel, the very first thing I saw was based around the song (NOT the video) of Ultravox’s ‘Vienna.’  It’s Atti’s Good End… if you can make it.  Good luck; military widows are a bag of broken glass.  They deserve our respect and comfort, but peace can only come from God through themselves.

The hardest thing I’ve ever written.

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