How much does a Hemingway?

Although I really don’t much like his stuff, Hemingway was one hell of a writer.  One thing of his that I do take to heart is his quip of “write drunk; edit sober.”  I’ve got one visual and two traditional novels out of that dictum.

Which brings me to this:  the very short story below the fold was made with just the opposite formula; I’ve been drinking coffee all night, and just switched to cheap wine around 0500 so I can pass out in bed and go to sleep around 0730.  I’ll take a look at again when I wake up.

SPOILER WARNING!  The event below the fold takes place about one year after those in “Echoes of Family Lost.”  For anyone who’s read that, the “reveal” is not really a surprise, but if you like to make your own way through a story, then please shy away.

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