Starting Over

Okay, maybe I do have one friend:  my 3-AR Studios business partner.  It’s just that we’d not talked in months.  So, with me sans family, I invited him over to dinner a couple of weeks ago.  Drinks, steaks, more drinks.  Then talk.

He talked about this vertical, scrolling format for webcomics he’d run across.  It got rid of the annoying page-turning, and also allows for a certain unique consistency and flow of story.  We went on to talk about ideas for content… hmmm.  What’s been on my mind recently?

Okay:  self-aware machines.  That’s a start, he said.  Go further:  turn it past eleven.  More drinks.  Okay, I replied:  vampire androids.  We talked more.  The next day, I started writing.

Below the fold, in WordPress’s usual hackneyed format, is the prologue of what I’m tentatively calling “Poisoned Hearts.”  If you like that, I’ve also added chapter one.  I’ve written chapter two and have notes for three.  That’s enough raw material for about three 30-‘page’ comics.  My colleague still has his own projects, but is making sketches.  Cat is cuter than I’d imagined her.  Lots of work detailing Christopher’s eyes.  Need to write more….

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