Once Upon A Time…

This is a new blog I’ve just created, to separate my own personal works from those of 3-AR Studios LLC.  That WordPress link is here.  My esteemed colleague, Will Deonne, has his own website, here.  It had been slowly but surely creeping me out over the last several posts that my personal content was the only thing going to a website that should feature the content of our combined efforts.  Admittedly, we’ve not done much together, recently, but that does not mean we shan’t ever again.

That led to this.  Will has an astonishing repertoire of written and drawn works, whereas I have – at this posting – only my first traditional novel.  The second is due out within days, I’ve an illustrator hopefully lined up for #3, and I’m starting work on #4 tonight, after I get this set up.

Having said all that to say this:  let’s have fun!

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