Loser. I am.

Apologies for the utter dearth of posts.  I’m a rather uxorious person, and in the last month a cousin of my wife, along with his daughter, has been out visiting from Hungary.  That means  I’ve been alone for the last month.  No, really: I don’t have any friends anymore, either.  So, in my spare time, I’ve been drinking myself to death.

On of the nice things about working third shift is that you don’t have a sleep-time, just a series of naps.  That helps with the psychosis.

4th Book-wise, I have imagined so much!  Sylvia’s recruitment, her thoughts of error, her arrest – just as she is arresting the police chief of Albuquerque – Clive on the stern of the ‘Death Ship’ just before the Chinese orbital kinetic energy weapon….  I really need to find a reason to write all of this down.

In the mean time, here’s one of the triggers for my first novel.  Really!.

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