Milestone and millstones

Today, Saturday, was the semi halfway point between both my girl’s birthdays.  We all, plus my mother-in-law (we sat far apart) went to a nominally Japanese steakhouse.  I bet I spoke more anime-Japanese than the staff.  Still and all, good time, good food.  Eldest Daughter is now Sweet Sixteen.  She said there’s a boy she’s fond of.  I said I have rifles about which I feel the same.  We have one another’s measure.

I’ve broken 50k words.  In and of itself, that means nothing, but recall I was raised on NaNoWriMo’s “50k words in November!” so it kind of sticks.  What’s happening at that word mark is below the fold.  I’d guess another 8-12k to kill everyone, er, wrap things up.  Following that, as I said in a previous post, editing will consist of adding material to make the modules I’ve written, over so much time, link to one another.

Will Deonne in two sentences completely changed how I write horror (it works, now), but I know I still suck at action/fighting.  Anyone have any ideas as I head into the final Act?

“Ah,” Father Kegy began to his left, “barring the… unnecessary detail of the most recent days, would you, Mister Dennou, be so kind as to tell me a bit about your home life before you came here. In Japan.”

Chris looked at him, back to Cat, back again.

“I cannot.”

“Cannot or will not?”



“I think,” D’Angelo said, entering the conversation from his side of the desk, “that we need to fix that, now. Miss Sosabowski?”

“Yeah?” She muttered into her palms.

“Miss Sosabowski, you and I can discuss what should not have been discussed later, in private, however,” he knocked sharply onto the desk, twice, “I need your full attention, please.”

She looked up. Not crying, Chris was glad to see, but bright red. He’d made another social mistake, openly discussing their romantic life together.

“In my last private conversation with Mister Dennou, he related to me that when you first took him on a tour of UCSD, you suffered a near-fatal mishap. Do you recall that?”

“Uh. Yes?”

“Good!” Even the other, Kegy, seemed curious as to where he was going. “Immediately after your rescue, you two exchanged words. Do you recall them?”

“Ummm… actually yes, since Chris just corrected me recently about how I misunderstood that he was ga- er, homosexual.” She turned reddish again and lowered her head.

“Boy, was I wrong about that!” Chris heard faintly. He smiled.

“And what did you say?” D’Angelo prompted.

“What?” Cat’s head was back up, wondering why Father was asking all this when Chris was just there at her left hand.

“As it was told to me,” he waved at Chris, “while in his arms, Mister Dennou said something to you. You replied to that.”

“I did?” Cat was getting frustrated. “You seem to already know! Why the hell, oops, sorry, Father, heck, don’t you just tell me? For that matter, why doesn’t Chris!?”

“He cannot.”

“What?!” She was shocked.

“And, because of how he told me, I cannot either.” He leaned back with a kind smile. “Please, miss, tell us what you said.”

The room was utterly still and quiet. Cat normally disliked being the center of attention, and this was that, times three. At least Chris was staring out the window behind D’Angelo… but he looked unhappy! Chris, help me!

She closed her eyes and tried to remember… I fell, somehow, he caught me: that’s right! What Neuroi did to him! He said something about being different, about how he saved me… and I assumed he was gay! And I yelled…

I yelled at him…

“’ Just SHUT UP about that!’ is what I said,” Cat intoned, looking towards D’Angelo. “Why is that so important?”

She saw his eyes flick to Chris and back. Did her beloved nod or did she imagine it?

“So,” the priest said, steepling his fingers. “What now?”

“I don’t know!” She was on the verge of tears.

“You, effectively, gave an order. What now?”

An order? But neither of them was military… Cat’s mind reeled… wait, was Chris in the Japanese military? Because of the language difference, did he misunderstand what she said? But I was only angry about thinking you were gay! I’d known you less that twenty-four hours and was already falling for you! What the hell was I supposed to think…?

I’ve been stupid, she realized. Cat took a breath to steady herself, thinking about some of the books she’d read.

“Christopher Dennou: I rescind my order!” She started to smile at her cleverness –

Chris felt the world spin. He groaned as his rolled forward out of his chair, catching his forehead right across D’Angelo’s desk. It was nearly impossible to knock out his brain, but the feedback of pain dropped his human body to the floor.

“CHRIS!” Cat screamed. Both men quickly moved to help.

While his body fought against shock, Chris was perfectly aware of them easing him to the floor and elevating his feet. Kegy had ran out and returned with an AED unit. D’Angelo was just about to tear Chris’ shirt off when he croaked, “wait!”

They froze.

“CHRIS!” Cat shouted at him, taking his shoulders. She leaned in to his him…

There was a spark. He watched in horror as her eyes rolled up into their orbits.

He sat up, but kicked himself away from her.

“I’m fine!” He shouted. “I accidently stole her life! Get the AED on her and check her vitals, stat!”

The Fathers were startled, but moved to comply. D’Angelo left her bra on while Kagy applied the ‘trodes. The unit unfolded itself and spoke its results.

“Pulse 55. BP 90 over 63. Arrhythmia negative. Unit in standby.” It said.

“Thanks be to God,” D’Angelo breathed. But the other turned to Chris with a glare.

For a human, he was fast. Chris’ hands were coming up in defense as Kagy grabbed them. No! Not my hands! Chris thought.

“In the name of Christ Jesus, in Who’s Name all knees shall bend, I command you: come out of him!” The young but old priest shouted.

Never before, Chris was nauseous. He felt some of the man’s life seeping into him against Chris’ own will, but at the same time, the man pulling something out of him.

“I – ” Chris began, but ended up coughing some green bile onto the man’s face. Why was he sick? Kagy’s left hand was a vice about his right. The priest raised his right.

“In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit! I command you leave him, unclean spirit!

Completely independent of his mind, Chris’ body punched the man in the face, hard, with his left fist. Kagy rolled backwards across the floor.

“<I’ve got more for you, mud-man! Just wait until the rest of We are here!>” Chris heard the guttural sounds from his mouth. He felt what they meant, but did not know the words. Finally, he realized that his Cat had been correct: he was not the only one in this body. However, he had the advantage of being the second, and training in it.

Chris thought very fast and very carefully. He stopped his heart.

Father D’Angelo saw the young man collapse in a heap without a sound; a corner of his mind gave thanks to God that he’d turned down the offer to be an exorcist, when he’d been offered right after seminary. He looked at the three bodies on his office floor. Triage.

“Brother Galay!” He bellowed.


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