One last fling…

I’d this in mind yesterday.  Honestly, I don’t know if this will make it into the final novel or not:  this takes place about eight hours after Anton and Maya make their pact.  In case I kill everyone first, I wanted to share.  It’s silly, but, then, so am I.  I’d no idea that Cat was so pervy!  After all, ‘Cursed Hearts’ is supposed to be horror/romance!

[closing interlude]

Chris had finished his time trials, now knowing his window to get Cat to the C-130. He’d run it alone just for show for her; he’d no intention of abandoning his sister for a second time.

“That… that was amazing!” Cat said, moving her hands over his chest as he fought to catch his breath. “You can run like that…!”

“About two point five times faster than a fit human male, yes.” He forced his body to stillness, appreciating her touch.

“Is… is your body…?” He understood where she was going, and shook his head.

“Carbon fiber nano-materials, allowing my mind to achieve what you could do with your body, once the inhibiter were removed.”

“What?” He lost her.

“Cat,” he lightly kissed her before turning to walk back towards the hanger. The sun was touching the tops of the La Jolla Hills off his left shoulder. “The human body, as is, is astonishing: you could run as fast as a horse, bite through a quarter-inch steel cable, leap to a second floor window… but in doing so, you’d badly damage yourself. So, over time, the human brain evolved automatic systems to make sure you don’t.”

He kissed her again, just because he could. She squeezed him with her left.

“Those humans that routinely used their bodies to the fullest were not those that survived to breed. After 300,000 years, your inhibitors are locked in.”

He stopped at the great open gates of the hanger, turning to see the sun disappear. Into the East.

“Neuroi…. Mother, thought we could be more. Be better.” He sighed and raised his left hand to stare at it. “Thought we could be the next step in human evolution. Her short-cut, was, I think, a mistake.”

She tugged at his hand. “You’re not a mistake. I don’t marry mistakes!” She smiled up at him.

“Thank you, Cat. Wife.” He leaned to kiss her yet again, but Corporal Cortez sharply cleared his throat. They looked towards him.

“Prior to his departure, the Major asked us to prepare things for the both of you.” He’d an odd smile. “If you’d be so kind…?” He waved at the open hanger doors.

After ten steps, they froze. Chris smiled. What an odd sense of humor!

“Oh…!” Cat said in a low, silky voice. She bent over just a little.


She shook her head.

While they were outside, the Company had laid out some red plastic… into a giant, two-ring bullseye about their air mattress. Cat made another sound. To Chris it evoked nothing of embarrassment, but pleasure.

“We shall take our positions and await the return of the Major. Please, you two, rest until then.” From the timbre in Cortez’s voice, Chris would have awarded him a medal.

“Thank you,” he nodded his head. “We shall rest, but remain at the ready. Come, Cat!”

There were a couple of loud *clacks!* as half the lights in the hanger were powered down. At the edge of the full sized air mattress, there was just enough light to see one another.

“Chris?” This question was real.

“Remove as little clothing as you can, to sleep.  We… we might need to wake up quickly.” There was a low plastic table just off from the bed. He slipped off his Polo shirt and his pants. From the back of his pants he laid the semiauto pistol onto his clothes.

“Where’d that come from?!”

“Hmmm? Brother Anton gave it to me; to look after you.”

“Oh. That’s okay, then, I guess…” Cat gulped, but nodded. She removed her blouse and skirt, placing her clothes atop his. Another little sound.  She retook his hand and pulled him down, throwing the comforter wide.

“Come here!”

Once down, even in the heat of a San Diego evening, she threw it back onto them. He felt  her pulling her panties off.

“Cat? You’re not really planning on – ”


“Cat? You sound really horny – uff!”

For once, she surprised him, punching his stomach.

“Don’t be pervy!” She muttered. She started touching him.

While the rest of him reacted accordingly, he considered their situation: alone, surrounded, likely dead in twelve hours… hmmm.


“Mmm!” Her hands were down his briefs.

“Are you turned on by the fact that all these men are looking at us?”

“Eeep!” Her hands paused, but resumed.

“May… maybe?” She buried her face into his chest. “Does that make me a dirty girl?”

“Dir – oh!” That touch was different! “Not dirty! So, so long as we hurt no one…”

His pause made her raise her head.

“… we can do anything, cousin!”

“Cou – !” She stopped when he was even larger in her hands.

“I like to play, too!” He muttered into her mouth.

“They… they can see, right?” Her hands were faster; he touched her there, here. “Oh, God, Chris!”

Our last night. Chris thought. My pervy cou – wife. I do love her so.

Undesired, the question he’d asked his ‘unconscious’ came back: barring hearing from Anton, they’d about four hours left. Ignoring what his modified hearing picked up from the hanger, he leaned into her.

“Love… you… Cat!”


[/closing interlude]

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