Pirate Twins 10

Was originally going to stop this whole thing at #10.  Momentum and the gathering thereof.  So, maybe #15.  This is a little shorter, as there’s not that much talking in it:  Logres and Europa get some together-time and use their mouths for something else.  If you’re below the age of twelve, this segment has icky-mushy stuff in it.  You’ve been warned.

It’s the weekend, so I think I’ll get another drink and go ahead and write #11.

For a moment, no one moved. Logres carried Libby just to the water’s edge, but five lengths from Europa. He considered his cousin’s words while he did. He set her down.

“I don’t care.” He said to Libby and walked towards Europa.

Just before he was close enough to touch her, she slid the sharp object from her right hand into her cord. Her left never moved from the Wall. Logres embraced her. She did the same, but only with her right arm.

“I missed you so.” He said.

“And I, you!”

Logres inclined his head just a little – she was taller, again – and they shared their second kiss.

Europa jerked her head back.

“You’ve kissed another girl!”


“It would be more correct to say that another girl kissed me.”


He couldn’t help his eyes track left for a moment. Did Europa’s teeth just grind together? He tightened his arms about her.

“She’s family. I love you.”

He felt tension seep out of her body. After a quiet sigh, she raised her face to him, eyes shut, lips parted.

“Go for it, Loggy!” Libby shouted.

Fearing the worst, he was relieved when Europa’s lips turned up in a tiny smile. Leaning down….

Their third kiss. And one that neither of them seemed interested in ending. He allowed his hands to wander, just a little. There were no more straight lines on her: she was curvy, everywhere. The bumps on her chest, pressed close to his, were just between the size of his sister’s and Libby’s….

“Uhh… guys?” Who chose just now to speak up! Just when Europa was beginning to do something very interesting to his mouth with her tongue. Logres leaned back the barest amount. Their faces still touched.

“My beloved Europa, this is my cousin, from across the great western sea, Libby.”

“A pleasure to meet you, Libby,” Europa said, not moving her face away. “That was not the nicest thing, what you said about me to Logres.”

“I observe, I listen. Time to time I create reports for my Slow Ones.” He watched as her eyes closed. “Not that they seem to listen or understand.”

“Is that,” Logres asked, raising his right hand to touch her outstretched left arm, “what you are doing now?”

She shook her head a fraction.

“No. It is… complicated.”

He slid his hand up her arm and lightly brushed a few strands of her hair behind her ear. He felt her shiver at his touch. She closed her eyes and again parted his lips. He obliged her.

“Geez! You two!” He heard from his left. But he also heard the mirth in her tone.

Cycles turned. Logres was vaguely aware of Libby making sorties every now and again out into the water. He and Europa never parted, learning much about their bodies. At last, he pulled back a little more than last time, turning her so her back was against the Wall.

“Does that allow your other hand to be free?” He asked.

She nodded, taking his right with it.

“Since it seems we cannot run on the beach and play, as we did in my home, I would like to talk, too.”

“Of course!” she grinned at him, positively glowing from all their physical contact.

“You said you observe and listen. So your specialty is information?”

A nod with a smile.

“When you shared with me – at the horrible time when I was told to have you leave – that was your information?”

“Yes,” she moved her right hand to press the blue pattern on his tunic, her smile faltering, “all that I could. I hoped that somewhere in all that, you’d be able to find me.  And you did!”

“Yes! And nearly unmaking the world in doing it!” he replied with a wry smile. “What do you see in me, Europa?”

“I wonder?” She asked, rubbing his chest. “May we kiss again?”

So much for talking. He leaned towards her –

She went rigid, pressing herself tight against the Wall.

“What has your family done?!” She hissed.

“Your sister and water-cousin are meddling in the interior!” Her eyes grew moist. “Logres! I am compelled to respond!”

Behind her, in the Wall, a staggered series of holes appeared, going all the way up. By the time he’d taken in that she had turned away from him, she was four lengths above him, climbing nearly as fast as he could run.

“Wait for me!” She yelled down. “Avoid the Wall!”

In another few moments, she was a dot near the top. She was gone.

Logres turned around and regarded the immediate area. Ah: a large boulder a few lengths from the sea and a nearby copse of trees; a place of balance for all of his family. He walked to the great rock, climbed atop it, looking back at the Wall as he sat.

“I shall wait for you.”

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