There’s much more I’ve seen that what opens below the fold, but having left work at 1730 to go home and change and get the right credit card, followed by a drive to Columbus to get sick Dog #1, back home, dinner (thanks to Daughter #1 for making curry!), a brief discussion of racial socio-economics with my girls – red-pilling them, in other words – I finally sit down at my laptop…

God, I’m tired.  The rest of the cat-and-mouse conversation between Nichole and Teresa soon; tomorrow, I hope.  It’s fun.

Following an exchange of couriers, Nichole sat at a table in a quiet room in the Miller Library. It would have been easier for all had she simply found an empty classroom at the Engineering Building on that Saturday, but the smell of pre-digital knowledge was irresistible. Flipping another page, she very quickly took in what Professor Vincent had had planned for the remainder of their semester.

So much out of date, she thought. She’d miss him, for a while, but was glad he’d given her the chance…

Of course, she realized: he’d taken the information from the conversation in his office after that first week and run with it. Bringing everyone else up to speed would slow him down.

In rewarding me, he’s using me. A clever hu – she caught herself; a clever person!

She made more quick notes on the next several pages. Things her classmates should be aware of, but were really irrelevant. I wonder if Teresa would –

“Ah-choo!” From just outside the partly opened door.

Ah! Her friend!

“Teresa!” Nichole mildly amplified. There was no one else in the study room with her and just as few on the second floor of the Library itself.

The slightly disheveled young woman looked about, her watery eyes finally settling on Nichole, waving. She tugged at her faded forest green sweatshirt above her stained gray sweatpants. Her flipflops made their characteristic sound and she opened the door wider and entered the smaller room.

“Yo.” She managed.

“Friend Teresa! You look awful!”

It was not as if she’d not heard that, before.

“Hangovers are God’s way of enforcing weekend drinking.”

“Oh.” Nichole said in all seriousness. “I didn’t know!”

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