MachCiv Dreams – Togame Tower 3 (end)

So much for my attempt at a less than 1k micro-story.  Blew through that by over 700 words.

Screw it:  tomorrow y’all get an haiku!

Halfway down, the Empress of Japan pinched her nose and blew, clearing her ears.

“Wot?” She asked to her friend’s stare.  “Another friend told me you were in town. So I wanted to say ‘hi’ before your departure.”  She rubbed under her ears, too.


Togame again bumped her shoulder to Nichole’s arm.

“You wanted something a little more ‘cloak and dagger’?”

“N… no. It’s just…” Nichole leaned left just a bit and kissed the top of her friend’s head. “I am so happy to see you again! For tomorrow, I am very scared – !”

“Shhh!” Togame raised her right index finger to Nichole’s lips. Cold.

“Do you have any sense of the transcendent? Of the Gods or a God?” She asked.

Nichole considered. There were some in her family…

“I do not.”

“I,” her Empress began, “do not think we are chess pieces. But, neither do I think there is such a thing as perfect freewill. I’d say – not that anyone would care! – that we’re hybrids of those ideas…”

She slyly glanced up and right at her guest.

“Mongrels, if you will!” Her eyes danced. “Like making a machine in the image of Man!”

Nicole’s knees flexed again at their sudden deceleration. The door opened and Togame stepped out. Her friend did not. She turned.


Nichole raised her hands like paws.


Togame dissolved into laughter.


They stood by one of her cars.

“One of mine will take you to your hotel.” Togame took her hands. “I shall miss you, my very special friend!”

“And I, you.” Nichole leaned her forehead to touch hers.

“Did you enjoy your walk today?” The Empress whispered.

“Yes, very,” Nichole lowered her output to its lowest setting.

“You… all of you… point to a future none of us can see!” Togame’s whisper became fierce. “I am glad that, for a night, you were a Tokyo Girl!”

So much new information! So many new thoughts!

“I… I…” Nichole became scared at the riot of thoughts in her processors.

Togame carefully leaned her head back to stare hard into her friend’s eyes. So bright!

“You shall never be from my thoughts and prayers! When,” Nichole felt the grip on her hands tighten, “you come home to Us… me… we shall take a trip together! Promise?”

She lifted her right hand, sticking her pinky out like a little child.

Nichole overrode her programming and suppressed her tears. She raised her hand and linked her pinky with her friend’s.


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