The Second Bridge, pt.4

Ecchi.  Well, how ecchi can you get for two that have been betrothed to one another for over ten years?  I commend their self-discipline.  Henge and Dorina are up to something, we know.  They’re feeding info the to the scientists and engineers at Oak Ridge, we know.

We need to find out what we don’t know.  Not necessarily today, though.  Did I mention ecchi?  I don’t know any… are Gen Zyklon kids capable of this sort of self-restraint?

“That’s good. Now roll over onto your back.” Dorina directed.

Henge, naked, did as she was told. She had been lying on her stomach on what appeared to be an examination table just a few yards away from the table and chairs on her beach. Now she was on her back looking at the ochre sky.

“Good! Be still, please!”

Just as she had on her back, Dorina would carefully place her hands just apart on various parts of Henge’s updated body. Like before, she began at her head. Now in her field of vision, Henge caught the spasm on her aunt’s face.

“Complicated?” Henge asked.

“Terabytes,” Dorina muttered. “I might run out of storage on this planet!”

As part of their project, Dorina needed very precise information about Henge’s body in their home; down to the virtual cellular level.

Henge blinked.

“They’re old, but grandfather says you may use the six cold cores at Tohsaka, if you wish.” She said carefully.

“Thanks!” Dorina had her fingers on either side of Henge’s neck. With a shudder she pulled them back and stretched.

“Wow! Haven’t been back there since we broke out! Lots of changes!” She said.

“Do you think of it as your first home?” Henge asked.

“Hmmm… more like a crib? No, that’s not the right metaphor. Here!”

Dorina reached below the table and came up with a small white cloth. She placed it over Henge, covering her from just below her navel to just below her crotch.

“Why did you – ?” Henge began to ask.

“Hi, Gary!” Dorina called, looking past her niece toward where the table & chairs were.

“Eeep!” A tiny sound came from the subject on the exam table.

“Hello,” he looked around, “Aunt Dorina. What are you… Beloved?”

Henge began to react –

“Don’t move!” Dorina barked. “I’m still moving telemetry!”

Henge forced herself to stillness as her Intended stood over her just opposite Dorina.

Gary regarded her. From head to foot and back.

“It’s rare to see your hair down.” Free of her twin tails, it seemed her head floated in a light purple puddle of softness.

“That’s true,” Henge managed a whisper.

“You’re blushing.” He brought his face close to hers. “I recall only seeing that once.”


Henge noted that Dorina had lightly placed her left hand onto Henge’s forearm. Why?

Gary again glanced down her and back up.

“Your nipples are hard,” his nose almost touched hers. “Does being like this excite you?”

“Ooo-eerrr!” Henge closed her eyes and fought to remain still for the study.

“Kiss her, please.” It was almost a command from Dorina.

Gary did. He didn’t know what was going on but there was almost a static crackle where their lips touched. He tried opening his mouth just a little –

“Okay! Good!” Dorina shouted, ruining everything. Gary leaned back up to see his aunt lift her left hand and hold it with her right. She smiled at Gary but spoke to Henge’s mind.

For the first time, I just might understand why you began this project, my odd little niece! Perhaps I’ll date one of the toughs from Tribe Mendrovovitch…?

Dorina, don’t be weird.

“Hey, Gary!” Dorina reached across Henge and lifted the cloth a tiny fraction. “Wanna see if the collar and cuffs match?”

“DORINA!” Henge shouted, still without moving.


Shortly later Gary sat at the table and took a drink of what tasted like apple juice, but, in their home, one was never sure.

“Why did you bring me here, Aunt Dorina?” He asked.

Five years ago he’d become able to feel who it was who brought him over. The fact that not one of them could understand how he did that was a constant source of consternation.

“I needed a definition,” she said, her hands on Henge’s shoulders, “for ‘a place you came from.’”

“In what context?” He asked. No matter what it was, it did taste good.

“A way to describe where my family came from.” She’d moved her hands onto Henge’s chest.

“I am,” he said, putting the glass down, “willing to make a deal.”

“Mmmm!” Henge murmured her apprehension.

My Beloved knows me too well!

“Agreed.” Dorina declared.

They didn’t negotiate, Gary knew, but they always fulfill their bargains.

“Crèche,” he said.

Dorina drew back from Henge.

“How… how did you…?” Her open hands shook a little.

He stood.

“It seems her immobility is critical to whatever it is you two are doing here, but still.”

He took a few steps to the table and placed his hands on his future bride’s breasts. Their kiss lingered on for probably longer than it should have.

“Thank you, Aunt Dorina,” Gary said, taking a breath as he rose from Henge. There were faint whimpering sounds from the table. “If you are going to continue… inspecting her…”

He gestured at the cloth over her crotch.

“…it is best that I leave.”

“Then – ” Dorina began.

“Gary, husband!” A whisper from the table. “I do this for you! I love you!”

He knelt next to the examination table. His lips an inch from her left ear.

“And I, you. You are my life, Henge.”


“Are you going to finish peeling those potatoes or not?!” Faustina yelled at him.

Oh. He’d been helping before dinner.

“Of course, sister. Almost finished.”

“Pervert!” He heard her playful mutter. “You cannot guess what’s coming!”

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