On Saturday I was a guest at a local author fair.  The idiots who run the County Library System scheduled this at the same time as an Ohio State football game.  That means nothing to me – not being one of these people – but it hit the attendance below the waterline.  Even tucked into a corner as I was (I wonder if they know my politics?) with three others, I sold eight books.  The guy to my left sold two.

Still and all, it was pleasant to chat with those who seemed interested, even if they weren’t buying.  Several voiced their surprise that in only four years, to the month, I was able to produce four plus one novels and a children’s book… plus short stories only followers of this blog read.  Quite the opposite of how I’ve seen myself:  lazy and distracted.  I’m sure the truth lies somewhere in the middle.

Cleaned up ‘Friend and Ally’ and re-resubmitted it to Createspace.  I also filed for the Copyright on it.  The edit of ‘Foes and Rivals’ should be before my eyes in 48 hours; just in time to gorge myself on turkey.  Hopefully I’ll have its proof copy in my hands in less than ten days.  My Xmas deadline looms ever closer…


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