Life Imitates my Books, again…

So I run across this, about backing up human knowledge off-planet.  Below the fold is an excerpt from chapter eleven of “Echoes of Family Lost.”

“At least at the Texas spaceport, it was all private industry. I imagine it will be again.  Which reminds me,” he said, turning back toward Fausta.  “What prompted your sister to get involved with that?”

“Like you, we do not wish to die; that’s a part of the Third Law. Dorina knows that we must get off-planet as soon as we can,” she said softly.

“Why is that?” Lily asked.  “Uh, do you guys know something we don’t?”

“Kah, kah!” Fausta laughed.  “Not at all, friend.  But neither do we know when something like another Carrington Event will happen.”

“Carring…what?” Lily asked.

“Carrington Event.” Orloff answered.  “In the middle of the Nineteenth Century, a massive solar flare hit the Earth.  The only electrical technology at the time was the telegraph.  But the energy output was so bad, wires melted and the telegraphs themselves caught fire.  If something like that happened now, every computer chip on this planet would be fried.  That would kill your friends, Lily.”

Lily gasped while Fausta continued.

“Precisely. So, at worst, we must have backups of ourselves somewhere safe.  At best….”

“Yes?” Lily asked, concerned.

“I’m sorry. It’s very difficult to describe.  I’ll try again when I’m not stupid.”

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