Making sounds

Took a little longer to get around to this than I’d anticipated, but at long last I built a “quiet corner” in my basement (and it’s only quiet when people upstairs are not flushing the toilet!) and got around to practicing recording and editing.  A pic of my corner – one cannot call it a studio – is below the fold.

Attached (and this might take more than one try; please bear with me) is an 8-minute mp3 of me taking a stab at the prologue of “Friend & Ally.”  I am very young at this and welcome constructive criticism.

Hardware:  a Samson C01UPro mic (USB).  Software:  Audacity (2.3.3)


2 thoughts on “Making sounds

  1. The pacing is fine but your volume is a problem. As you change the intonation of your voice lower registers become harder to hear. With the volume on the highest setting, it’s maybe 50% to 60% of what comes through on Youtube or on typical audio. I’m on a ThinkPad.


    1. Thank you! I had to turn the mic’s gain down a bit as the soundproofing of my basement corner was not complete. Also, still learning the s/w, I see now that I should “Normalize” only after removing the intentional and accidental peaks, allowing the overall sound to come up. I’m going to try and record and edit another segment this weekend and look forward to what you think of it.


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