Pole Position

Trying to play around with some of WordPress’s new features for the cover of “Princess’ Crusade.” Ideally, y’all will be able to vote on which one of the two front covers you like more. Let me see if this works… Please recall these are still in development but I hope release PC no later than Thanksgiving in the US. Better than just voting, if you’ve any suggestions, please do so in the comments. Cheers!

2 thoughts on “Pole Position

    1. I’ve proof copy #1 in my hand. I caught a few stupid things that you never see on a screen (which even made it past my copyeditor) and had to add a map. I’ve long said that talking war without a map is like having sex without a woman.

      Once proof copy #2 is in, Tuesday, if all is well I’ll release Princess’ Crusade that evening.

      The MS for Empress’ Crusade is complete; I’m waiting on my cover designer to finish.


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