Tillamook, part 24

The rest of the Haven’s backstory followed by a declaration three of them were off before dawn the next day on Nichole’s flying saucer. The last Part, #25, might be on the long side…

A fan on Gab once asked how do I balance or control “high-powered” characters such as Nichole 5. My reply was to write up some kind of foil – a person or group – who can oppose them. With nothing like that here, Model Five just proposed to take Gil and Mac’s first child.

I’ll admit, compared to the last time I saw Mackenzie d’Arcy in the last chapter of “Foes and Rivals,” she’s matured quite a bit.

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“All the while you were doing what, Haven?” Teresa finally spoke up.  “Just laying about and taking it easy?”

Too old to take the bait of her jabs, Gil patiently explained first helping with the boilers and few tractors left running, a legacy of his never-finished masters in mechanical engineering.  It was only when he went several miles north, to Garibaldi, where the fishing trawlers were, that he made a name and money converting their engines to coal.

“By that point, Joe and Erin were with us, so we were able to get this piece of land, here,” he concluded, waving about.  He smiled before continuing.  “Of course, since Mac-the-wildcat-girl won’t leave me alone, Mike, Kara, and Alix came along right after!”

“That’s it,” Erin huffed, standing up from where she’d been sitting on the deck.  The platter of fish had not been touched for some time, so she took that back inside with her dishes.

“You do have wonderful children,” Nichole said to them in the growing twilight.  “I am so happy for all of you.”

“Sh… should we ask how you have been, Nichole?” Mackenzie asked, just a little hesitant.

“You would find it boring, I’m sure,” her old friend replied.  “About two years after we lost one another, Togame-chan asked me to serve in the AeroSpace Force because of what I am.  Since then I go here and there, about and over the world.”

“That doesn’t sound boring at all,” Joe said from where he still sat.  “I’d love to do something like that!”

Nichole stood and quickly stepped to him, pulling the young man up.

“Anatawa Nihongo-ga desu ka?” she asked.

Joe’s face was blank.

“She asked if you speak Japanese,” Teresa explained.

“Oh.  Sorry, no.” The lad was crestfallen.

“Are you willing to try to learn?” Nichole pushed.

“Sure!” She turned to his parents.

“Once this is over, tomorrow, may I take your son home with me?  Think of him as an exchange student, I believe the term was,” she asked them.

Mac looked surprised but Gil nodded slowly.

“For how long?  And I thought you said Rahab wasn’t pressurized.”

“At least a year.  Perhaps more.  That will be conditional if he can keep up with what I demand of him.  My ship?  I’ll have to stay around five thousand meters MSL going home, but we can still make it in just a few hours.”

“Just how fast does that UFO go?” Teresa exclaimed.

“That’s classified.” She smiled.  “And enough for today.  Teresa, Gil, and I shall depart aboard Rahab at oh-five-hundred.  Mac?  Can we put Teresa’s men up in your studio?  And before bed, I’d like to talk more with Joe, here.”

“Just talk, I hope!” Gil laughed.  He laughed more when his eldest son turned red.  “I’ve firsthand experience, after all, as to how fast a girl you are!”

Leaving their son with their old friend on the couch as she began basic a basic lesson in Japanese, Gil was a little surprised that Mackenzie didn’t bother with a nightgown after they brushed their teeth and made for bed.

“Come on,” she purred, waving him over.  “I want our old friend to hear just what we learned from her.”

“Erin might freak out and leave,” Gil muttered, sliding in next to her and already running his hands over her smooth, white skin.

“During which time?” Mac said, pushing him over and straddling him.  She took a great breath. 

“Gil!  You feel so great!” she shouted to the rest of the house.

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