Exit Nephew of Colour

I thought of posting this as an 1100-word bloc, but it breaks nicely with the two women seeing Filk Jansen off before they take a stroll in the wood. That will be the last segment before Aurie is back to the Governing Council for a little hardball.

It’s interesting that when Aurie taunts humans it’s primarily out of fun. Faustina did it because, as one of her relatives later said, “being a jerk is who she is.”

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“Anything I can help?” she asked Colour.

“Nearly finished, guest,” the older woman emphasized.  For sleeping on the old couch, she looked just fine.  “However, three cups with water, please.”

Three pieces of bacon and two fried eggs each.  The third set was left in the skillets to stay warm before the return of…

“Filk?” Colour said.  “Your food’s still on the stove.”

He retrieved that and his cup.  Not about to sit on the floor opposite them in front of the coffee table, he stood in the kitchen.

“Today’s agenda?” Colour prompted.

“I meet with the Council at oh-nine-hundred,” General Hartmann began.  “I’ll listen to what they have to say then will entertain any of their proposals.”

She looked to Filk.

“I expect you to run along in a bit and tell them that,” she added.

“But I find your company so interesting, General,” he half lied.

Colour was surprised when Aurelia set down her plate and stared hard at her nephew.

“Me hitting on you is one thing,” she began.  “Sure, it’s culturally frowned on in the imperium.  But I’m not there now.”

“More importantly,” she sailed on, “is you just implied cheating on your girlfriend of… oh, I guess six months.  That’s not nice, Filk.”

“He is?” Colour had heard not a rumor.

“Six months?” Aurelia tried to clarify.

“Closer to seven,” the young man said.

“The Empress claimed her first man, later her husband, after six days, lad,” she laughed at him.  “You need to step up your game.”

“Perhaps from such a fast family,” he tried to not frown, “you could give me some pointers.”

“Marry her before God.  Today.  Y’all work out the details later. Simple.  This is why you humans make such a muddle of things.”

“I… I’m not sure if we’re ready…” he tried.

“No one ever is.  The empress was in the middle of the largest campaign in North America since the middle of the Nineteenth Century when she made two stops in Huntsville to bang him twice and promise to be his. Wait.” Aurelia looked at them both.  “After my word use last night, y’all do get ‘banging,’ right?”

“Yes, friend, we do.” Colour had to smile at her friend’s reckless style.

“If a girl younger than me can do that, why cannot you, a man older, do the same?” she demanded.

“It…” he ate the last of his breakfast.  “I’ll think about it.”

“Think about it?  I might make it a part of my demands on your Council!” she said to their shocked faces.  “Now you ride back to town.  I’m going to while away the next ninety minutes with my friend.  Go on, shoo!”

The two women were polite enough to wait on the front porch until he had ridden back to the road and was out of earshot before falling about each other, laughing.

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