Tamera (pt9; end?)

On the first hand, this short story raw is complete

On the second hand, I ended it in such a way to pick it back up again, later.

On the gripping hand, I’m going to bet this pisses a lot of people off.

Working on another short. Not sure when I’ll have enough to start posting it.

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“I,” Keynes swallowed, “I swear I really heard her.”

“You did, a little,” the demi smiled.  “The flux points here are so strong, she nearly has a corporeal body.  You said you needed me for the big one, Dorina?”

“Yeppers!  I’ve narrowed it down to three and want your opinion.” She was gone.

“Up here!” she shouted, about twenty feet up and fifty away on some scaffolding.

“This will take a few minutes,” Ildi shouted over her shoulder, running.  “Get Lem onto his feet.  Henge’s helping but will say ‘hi’ first.”

“She’s here?” Sky began before lifting her hand to shield her eyes from the bright ochre sky.  A sky with no sun.  “Oh, the Tohsaka construct.  We’ve been here a few times.”

Tamera, Lem, and Skylar stood on a blue metal circular platform, about eight years in diameter, floating a few feet over grass.  The boy’s grandmother was just in front of them.

She’s beautiful enough in Knoxville, Tamera thought.  Here, where she was made, she looks like a goddess.  Brighter than this awful sky.  And she radiates peace.

“Thank you, Tamera,” they barely heard from Henge.  She took three steps and placed both her hands on her grandson’s face.  “Dorina says she and Ildi found what they needed, beloved grandchild.  Dorina, I, and, heh, a few others will make you better.  Have you prayed today?”

“No, Grandma,” he admitted.

“I am a miracle, twice over,” her voice lowered a bit.  “Today, I pass that miracle to you.  All glory be to the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.  As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, worlds without end.”

She leaned to kiss him and they were back in the reactor room.

“Up here!” Ildi shouted from a different place in the scaffolding.  “Centurion Niles!  Get the boy up here, now!  The rest of you get out.  They’ve already started the power-up sequence.  Ninety seconds to plasma injection.  Go!”

Niles tossed the boy over his shoulder and moved.  The rest were herded out to, not the control room, but one where, through what looked like six-inch glass, they could at least see the reactor room.  The entire facility shuddered and the lights flickered.

“What is…?” Keynes began.

“Plasma injected into Tokamak,” Li’s male aide said in poor English.  He also took out a stopwatch.  When a horn sounded, he clicked it.  “Ah.  Fusion.  Reaction begins.”

To look at through the glass, nothing had changed, besides the centurion hotfooting out of there as fast as he could.  What about Ildi?  She could die in there…

“… sì, wŭ, liù,” the aide was saying, clicking after the last.  “Six second, they tell us.  That was six but Tokamak still run.”

Another shudder.  Dorina’s outline was before them.

“Skylar.  Tamera.  Come now.” And was gone.  Ignoring any possible danger, the two women tore at the door and sprinted into the reactor room, flying up the metal stairs to where Lem had been taken to Ildi.  Skylar was younger and faster, arriving just seconds before Tamera did.

“Wh… where are they!” the young mother screamed.

“Um.  About that,” Dorina said from next to them.  She made to tap her own fist against the top of her head.

“Oops?” the ghost-girl tried with an embarrassed smile.

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